Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

Photo by Brittany Rotondo

God Bless my Great Niece, Serafina Soteroulla, on her baptism. She was baptized this past Sunday, August 6, 2023.

It was a BamBam family event, and I had a blast! We all got dressed up for the service. Serafina is my niece Alana’s youngest of three daughters. It was not just Serafina’s baptism we were celebrating, though. It was also her name day for her middle name, Soteroula (after her godmother). Your name day is the day the saint you were named for is celebrated by the Greek Orthodox church. How cool that they were on the same day!

August 6th is Soteroula Day (among others)! But especially Serafina Soteroula day, of course.

After the service, we had a reception at The Union League in Northeast Philadelphia. It featured a cannoli vendor, face painter, and balloon artist. They pulled out all the fun stops for us all.

It was so fun partying with my family and seeing the little kiddos have so much fun. What better way to spend a Sunday than seeing your family?

God Bless my Great Niece, Serafina on her baptism. We were so happy to celebrate the wonderful day of your baptism with you. I can’t wait to see you grow up to be a little rock star, or vampire, like me!

  • Lookin' Sharp

    jacky standing outside a church

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    Before I stepped into the church, I got a picture. I looked so sharp in my suit. Had to go for a bolo tie, though. No stuffy regular ties here!

  • With My Parents

    Jacky BamBam inside the church with his parents

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    I snapped a pic with my parents, Vera and Jack, in the church. We all looked so fancy, right? I love them both so much!

  • My Mama

    jacky with his mom

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    She is just gorgeous! My mom is the best. She is a huge supporter of me and everything I do.

  • Brittany With My Parents

    Brittany and jacky's parents

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    I love to see these three smiling faces together. They are all absolute angels from heaven!

  • The Girl Of The Hour

    jacky holding a baby

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    I think Serafina was so stunned by how awesome her Uncle BamBam is. That explains her face here. I was overwhelming her with my coolness. My bad, Serafina, I know the day was about you.

  • All Dressed Up

    jacky bamboo with his niece and great niece

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    I think the vampire balloon calmed her down a bit. We were all dressed so fancy, though. It’s not often you’ll find me in a suit!

  • Tons Of Fun

    jacky with a young girl relative

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    There were tons of fun things there for the kiddos. As you can see, there were balloon animals and face paint. This wasn’t a stuck-up event, people!

  • Balloons Galore

    jacky, a young male relative, holding balloon animals

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    These balloon sculptures are super cute, right? Jack Skellington, a vampire, and the vampire’s bride. Three balloons that perfectly describe my life.

  • Yummy Cannoli

    jacky standing behind a cannoli stand

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    Carrello di Cannoli was there. This luxury dessert cart served scrumptious cannoli. The hand-piped dessert was truly a highlight of the day.

  • Delicious!

    Brittany holding a cannoli

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    Brittany had to get in on the cannoli deliciousness. They were as classic as classic could get, chocolate chips and all! 10 more, please.

  • My Dad And A Sonora

    jacky bambam and his dad

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    This is a real piece of vintage here. Sonora phonographs are basically 100 years old now. This antique was such a cool thing to find and see.

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