Yikes! It’s Shark Week, people. And yes, there are sharks of the Jersey Shore. We made a list of some you can spot!

Some species of shark really do call the Jersey Shore home. New Jersey’s waters are home to several shark nursery areas. What’s that, you ask? Nursery areas are where juvenile sharks are more commonly encountered. Or, where juvenile sharks have a tendency to remain for extended periods of time to grow, feed, and try to stay hidden from potential predators.

Because of the close proximity of these areas to the New Jersey shores, we can spot some cool sharks. A lot of energy is spent thinking sharks are evil monsters, but they’re actually pretty chill! Of course, get out of the water if they are swimming nearby. They have poor eyesight and tend to mistake us for prey. But in reality, sharks fear us. So don’t be afraid if you see a shark at the Jersey Shore. Instead, take some pictures (from a distance), and enjoy the sighting.

This list contains the most common sharks you can find at the Jersey Shore. It is not exhaustive, and you can (more uncommonly) spot other sharks in the area as well. These guys, however, have confirmed nurseries in the area.

Here are the sharks of the Jersey shore:

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