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Theatre of Living Arts

10 years ago today (3/9/2013), The Theatre of Living Arts on South St. was the scene of what would be Silvertide’s last Philadelphia show (to date) featuring the original ‘Show and Tell’ line-up of Walt Lafty, Nick Perri, Brian Weaver, Kevin Frank & Mark Melchiorre. The stage was shared by extremely talented and well-respected tri-state area rockers Kid Felix and John & Brittany opening the show.  Myself along with Pierre Robert and Jaxon were all on hand to host the festivities.

  • Brent Porche Introducing Silvertide at the TLA


    Brent Porche Introducing Silvertide at the TLA

    This night was important for a number of reasons; 1) this was the first show to feature all of the original members of Silvertide performing on the same stage together in close to 6 years, 2) ‘Tide played their debut album ‘Show and Tell’ in its entirety, including some of the bonus tracks that were only available on the Japanese release, 3) Robbie Bennett, the brilliant, multi-instrumentalist from Delco, who replaced Nick Perri on lead guitar in Silvertide after Nick left for Shinedown also performed a couple of songs with the band that night. Robbie has been the keyboardist, pianist, and rhythm guitarist for Grammy award winning Philly band The War on Drugs since 2010. Lasty, this would ultimately be the last performance of the original Silvertide line-up here in their hometown of Philadelphia. The fellas would go on to play 2 more shows at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan in September of 2013 and one more at the then Sands Event Center in Bethlehem – making them their last shows together, for now.

  • Set List

    Silvertide Setlist

    Nick, Walt & Brian have worked together on various other projects over the years including Sinai, Automatic Fire & Nick Perri and the Underground Thieves. NP & TuT has a new double album coming out titled ‘Terra Firma’ set for release on June 16th. You can pre-order it on double vinyl, double CD or double cassette! Yup, CASSETTE! Cool! Walt has been creating and releasing songs from his debut album ‘Torresdale’, which you can find online as well.

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