Andie Summers' son enjoys a ride on one of Disney's biggest attractions, Tron

When you plan a trip to Disney, it can be overwhelming. But if you read this, you will learn the secret way to bypass lines at Disney World!

How do I know you can Bypass Lines at Disney World?

I learned a secret when I was on one of my favorite rides at Disney World. (see some pics here) My son and I were at EPCOT, in the Lightning Lane for his favorite ride Test Track, when we saw some folks passing us.

What?! What is going on here? We are supposed to get preferential treatment because we have the Lightning Lane pass!

One of these women ended up sitting next to me in our car. Her name is Linda and she is from New York, originally, currently lives in North Jersey. (I get it from my mom). I politely asked Linda how she got to the front of the line, and what she told me was shocking…

Booking your trip …

Booking your trip to Disney World is one of the most exciting things you can do. But it can also add a little bit of anxiety to your life. There is so much you want to do, so much you want to see, but you know 99% of the other guests in the park are thinking the same thing, and you are all aiming for the same target.

The question is – how do you get the most out of your Disney vacation? Lighting Lane passes give you an opportunity to get a timed ticket that allows you to bypass the line and go right to the ride. Lightning Line passes are great, but you have to buy them and they are limited.

You can also hire a Disney escort to take you through the park(s). I have seen several groups of six or so people being led around by their Disney rep, but I cannot imagine how much that will set you back.

The affordable option for you is to ride alone. There are four rides in Disney World that consistently allow single riders, each in a different park. That is how my new friend from New York and her daughter get to the front of the line. They went on as single riders and lucked out because they both ended up in the same car.

Disney recommends you always check with a Cast Member to make sure the single rider line is available. Also, keep in mind that when you do the single rider line, you will not only bypass the line, you will also bypass the story-telling that leads up to the ride. When my son chose to ride Test Track as a single, he was not able to create his own car, which is something he really enjoys doing.

Bypass Lines at Disney World as a single rider on these rides:

  • Test Track - EPCOT

    Test Track is one of my 12-year old son’s favorite rides. When you enter, you get to design your own car! Then, as you go through the ride, your car competes with the other cars in your group as your “test drive” takes you through a series of obstacles. How well does your car handle in wet conditions? Through rocks? How are your breaks? And finally it ends with a super speedy ride around the Test Track at speeds up to 65 miles an hour, making it the fastest ride at Disney.

  • Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom

    If you were to add a hint of terror to incredible speed you get Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. In this ride, you are on a train in the Tibetan mountains, trying to out-run the Yeti. Once you ascend the mountain, going through tunnels and twists and turns, you will see the railroad tracks run out. And then you go backwards! Every once in a while, you will see the shadow and hear the growl of the big, creepy Yeti who is trying to get you. Will you survive?

  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run - Hollywood Studios

    When you are in this Millennium Falcon, you are in charge. This interactive ride actually lets you steer the ship! You ride in the cockpit of the famous ship and everyone on board has a job. You could be the pilot, the engineer, or even the gunner. Everyone has to work together in order to succeed in your mission.

  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Hollywood Studios

    Are you a fan of fast cars and rock and roll? Then this ride is for you. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster puts you in a limo meant for the band Aerosmith. The “driver” has to fly to get you from the recording studio to the show on time, and it is a thrilling ride. The trip begins with you going from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, according to All Ears. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster can also boast to be the only upside down roller coaster in Walt Disney World!


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