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How To WIN At The Grocery Store This School Year

It's time for the kids to go back to school. And with that comes school lunches. While many schools offer lunch options, packing lunch is less expensive and healthier. But with busy lives, inflation, and rising grocery costs, adding more to that shopping list may sound like nails on a chalkboard. But don’t stress, our friends at Virtua Health are here to help with four tips to help make shopping for healthy lunches easier. Stick to the List The grocery list is your best friend. Making a well-thought-out list before heading to the store will ensure you don’t end up buying unneeded items, eliminate last-minute runs later in the week, and reduce food waste. Knowing exactly what will go in you or your family's lunch boxes will help save time and money when shopping. Also, and we hate to say it, AVOID THE SNACKS! We have all fallen for walking down the snack aisle, or really any aisle, and grabbing a handful of unneeded salty snacks. This action seems small at the moment, but over time, these purchases add up. Buy in Bulk Buying in bulk can help lower your expenses. Plus, items like rice, frozen fruits, canned vegetables, and other necessities have a long shelf life and can be super helpful when you’re looking for a last-minute side dish. One thing to think about is that canned vegetables can be high in sodium. If possible, try to buy the low-sodium options or drain and rinse the vegetables before eating to help get rid of excess sodium. Go Generic Going generic can help you save on nearly every item in the grocery store. Many of the generic versions use the same ingredients with similar nutritional values. While keeping health-conscious choices in mind, if you come across a name brand item, take a minute and see if there is a generic option available. It may only be slightly cheaper, but small differences add up depending on how much and how often you shop. Shop in Season Fresh food is the best food, and it can also save you money. Shopping at your local farmer’s market or your grocery store is the best way to get delicious produce for the best price. Our favorites in season for late summer and fall are peppers, melons, and good ole Jersey Sweet Corn.

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