This Burger is Money! Guy Fieri brought by a sampling of his new Philly-themed menu

A long time ago, Guy Fieri came by the studio while filming Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and promised that he would come back to Philly one day and open a restaurant. [flashback to 2011]

He stayed true to his word: Guy’s Philly Kitchen and Bar opened at Harrah’s Philadelphia last Fall and the busy chef- entrepreneur made a special trip back to WMMR to tell us all about it.

It was not an easy concept to perfect, Guy noted, "Philly is it's own unique environment. Things that work in Philly don't always work outside of Philly... and things from outside don't always work in! But it's such a great place, we love shooting Triple D and you guys have so much personality, you care about each other, you love your teams... it's a really neat place to come to."

Yup, that's all true. That's why when we knew his Philly Burger would be good. It was.

"I'm really strict about how my burgers are made... but the same thing goes for cheesesteaks... don't screw with it, just do it right. So why can't I have the best of both worlds?"

He loves Jersey too! Guy just opened his first ever Guy's Sammich Joint this week at Harrah's Resort  in AC . It's joins neighbors Guy’s Chophouse and Guy’s Bar-B-Que at Bally’s Wild Wild West casino.

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