#691 Butts Beware: $450K of Colonoscopy Equipment Stolen from Lower Merion Hospital

A pothole corrects a man’s rapid heartbeat... A woman fell to her death at the rim of the Grand Canyon…  Police released video of suspects who stole $450K in Olympus Colonoscopes… Pennsylvania’s official new amphibian is the Snot Otter and it looks horrifying... Police are looking for the public’s help in catching two men who…

Daily Podcast (04.25.19)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:09:39) Weird Rules for Kids (00:43:26) Bizarre File & PAL (01:24:31) Pup-Nups & Baby-Nups (01:37:14) Stuck in a Sewer and Take Your Kid To Work Day (02:04:56)  Bizarre File (02:23:39) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:31:39)  Wrap Up (02:44:59)
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#690 New Jersey Bar Hopping Brawling Bunny is Wanted for Previous Offensives

Bar hopping bunny breaks up a fight on Easter Sunday is wanted in New Jersey for previous carjacking and burglary… Girl accidently swallows a spoon to remove a fish bone in her throat… 21 year old construction worker survives a rode that logged into his skull on the job... A women begins speaking after being…

Daily Podcast (04.24.19)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:11:36) Worst Jobs in America (00:38:14) Fox Good Day & Bizarre File (01:05:05) Agree or Disagree: Game of Thrones Edition (01:20:28) The Noticer (01:46:15) Bizarre File (02:15:56) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:21:45) Wrap Up (02:35:04)
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#689 Bizarre Files Update: Annoying Airline Passenger Who Forced Attendants to “Wipe Him” has Died

The 550 pound man who forced a flight crew to wipe his butt has died at a resort famous for its prostitution… 10 students at a Connecticut high school have been arrested following a food fight that resulted in a riot... A golfer and a horse are recovering after separate Bobcat attacks in Vermont… A…

Daily Podcast (04.23.19)

News (00:00:00) , Entertainment News (00:10:12) , Meals for Manthy (00:36:35). Bizarre File (01:08:36), Avengers: Endgame Prep (01:18:15), Junk Drawer (01:56:15), Bizarre File / David Murphy (02:18:39), Hollywood Trash (02:44:10), Wrap-Up (02:53:36)
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#688 Dog Days Are Not Over For Family Pup Who Dug Himself Out Of His Own Grave

Lancaster county Amish bakery shut down using breast milk in their whoopee pies... A couple lured a day laborer forcing the man to have sex at gunpoint with the female suspect for the male suspect’s fantasy...  Man took to social media of how offended he was while his wife was in labor and no one…