#723 What kind of Idiots Break Into a Spy Shop?

Fluids leaking from a decomposing body of a man who died into a restaurant below that is now closed… Howard’s Pizza delivery truck stolen and taken for a joy ride by drunken man…  New Deli landfill keeps growing and will soon stand taller than the Taj Mahal… 81 year old bicyclist is filing a lawsuit…

The Connoisseur: Kings Hawaiian Rolls at Subway, Ice Cream News & BISCUITS

The Connoisseur has: a job offer for rib lovers, revelation about "expired on" dates plus news about Kings Hawaiian Rolls coming to Subway, McDonald's sampling their International menu in the US, Domino's Japan's cheesy NY pizza, Ben and Jerry’s testing CBD infused Ice Cream, Baskin Robbins' Stranger Things flavors, Red Lobster’s new soup & salad…

Daily Podcast (06.18.19)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:12:23) Oh No, I Left That Running (00:44:51) Bizarre File (01:18:36) The Connoisseur (01:25:46) Clip-a-palooza (02:04:36) Bizarre File (02:25:53) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:34:11) Wrap Up (02:42:50)
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#722 Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving a Power Wheels Truck… on a Monday

A Florida Woman is behind bars after making her boyfriend’s balls bleed…  Two students admitted to hanging fake penises on the front of their school… A woman got a DUI while driving a PowerWheels truck... A man is suing a Cryonics company to get his dad’s head back... A 6 year old girl was stabbed…

Stanley Cup Champion Coach Criag Berube & Preston's Parade Recap

“Hahah, I just want to be interim” Craig Berube told us about his title staying the same after being the first Stanley Cup winning coach in St. Louis history. Don't worry, he promises that our future looks bright too, "the Flyers are going to be fine, they’re going in the right direction. Seriously.” We also…

Daily Podcast (06.17.19)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:12:33) In's & Out's (00:44:39) Diving into the Blood Drive / Bizarre File (01:11:44) Craig Berube Phoning in about the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Win (01:28:49) Chris Therien for the Street Life Concert (02:02:24) Bizarre File (02:25:10) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:33:01) Wrap Up (02:53:47)
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Daily Podcast (06.14.19)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:17:17) Junk Drawer (00:44:40) Bizarre File (01:17:05) Chris Porter at Punchline (01:31:57) Work Burnout (02:02:16) Bizarre File (02:23:12) HW Trash & Music News (02:31:00) Wrap Up (02:38:52)
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#721 Ice Cream Truck Company Shut Down after Racking Up $4.5mil in Traffic Violations

Woman carrying a baby assaulted another woman on a train... Airport in South China has warned passengers against throwing coins at planes for good luck...  Florida motorcyclist struck by lightning and died... Teenage Boy had a rare surgery after a tooth was found in his testicle… Woman had a deer enter her house... Naked man…

Mindy Kaling & Why Philly Can Celebrate the Blues Win

Writer/star of Late Night & all around, hilariously awesome chick, Mindy Kaling talks about working non-stop, her new film & The Office! Plus, if you are ready for another Philly connection to the Blues: the host of the city's biggest morning show (Preston, humble brag) grew up a St. Louis fan! How about them apples,…