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Daily Podcast (08.20.18)

News(00:00:00) E-News(00:08:38) Kids Taking Uber's(00:51:13) Bizarre File & Alpha Bravo Canine(01:16:00) Bad Weather, Cancelled Concerts, & Dead Musicans(01:32:13) National Radio Day(01:59:46) Bizarre File(02:29:07) Hollywood Trash & Music News(02:38:48) Wrap-Up(02:49:36)
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#536 You finished a 5k? Cool. Try finishing a Bike Race with a Ripped scrotum

During a crash Anton Cooper he tore his scrotum saying he pulled a “Buck Shelford...” Connecticut police arrested man who possible caused 40 people to overdose on a bad batch of cannabinoids… An inebriated passenger had to be restrained after she started acting violently during the flight. ..Viral video shows a person hopping the fence…

Daily Podcast (08.17.18)

News (00:00:00) Arethra Franklin Tribute(00:08:51) Pauly Shore (00:48:02) The Bizarre Files (01:14:28) Josh Blue(01:24:44) Will Power (01:50:04) Bizarre File (02:16:06) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:29:32) Wrap Up (02:43:44)
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#535 The French Made it Easier to “Wee Wee” in Public

Car theft suspect found dead in stone pillar... Family in mourning after mountain lion ate the family cat... A child’s first scam was ordering a Barbie doll and tracking the package... A bear wandered into a liquor store… Environmentally friendly public urinals are installed in France to help clean up the streets... A typo from…

Daily Podcast (08.16.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:08:34) The Connoisseur Files (00:43:43) The Bizarre Files (01:15:08) Jon Dorenbos (01:24:10) Not Your Average Listener (02:01:40) Dunkin Heatwave Tour & Not Your Average Listener (02:26:15) The Bizarre Files, Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:34:51) Wrap Up (02:55:22)
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#534 PSA: Don’t Ignore Ulcers on Your Penis Or It Fall Off

A man was left in agony after his penis fell off… A man flew a plane into his home after a domestic dispute… A logging truck driver was run over by his own truck and ripped off his own leg… Two men are wanted after purchasing 69 external hard drives from 16 Targets and returning…

Daily Podcast (08.15.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:15:43) Lantern Bug Infestation (00:49:43) The Bizarre Files (01:16:51) Marisa's Exotic Trip to Cuba (01:30:26) The Noticer and Anthony C. Ferrante (02:00:21) The Bizarre Files (02:30:07) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:39:41) Wrap Up (02:54:52)
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Daily Podcast (08.14.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:11:44) Flash Floods (00:43:20) The Bizarre Files & Krystal Klei (01:12:09) Fatal Pimple Popping, Q-Tips, & Food Ratios (01:26:23) Derek Hughes (02:10:28) The Bizarre Files (02:35:55) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:43:33) Wrap Up (02:55:20)
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#533 Buffalo Fights, Bear Break Ins, and Beaver Attacks

Grandmother shot a man who was pleasuring himself on a bicycle…A 400 pound bear broke into a woman’s house... Man who taunted a buffalo in Yellowstone National Park has been sent to jail… Sex toys were mistaken as a bomb at an airport… A Florida man danced naked in a Japanese Steakhouse…Roofer killed his coworker…

Daily Podcast (08.13.18)

News(00:00:00) E-News(00:11:20) Plane Stories(00:44:39) Bizarre File(01:12:06) In-Law Incest(01:23:37) Fartin' for Haiti(02:11:06) Bizarre File (02:47:50) Hollywood Trash & Music News(02:55:12) Wrap-Up(3:08:05)
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