Three Cheers for Comedian Dan Cummins

How many guests receive an abrupt sing-a-long, love scaring people more than Casey, do spot on Michael McDonald impressions AND have beards? Maybe a few, but the one on our podcast today is DAN CUMMINS.  Get tickets to his shows at Punch Line this weekend before they're sold out. 

#648 “Hey kids, do you like doggies!” Homeless Couple Arrested for Fornicating in Front of Children

Officers called because of a reported bomb threat from a guy in the bathroom home debot… Real estate agent scoped a staircase in broken glass turned into booby trap… Defense attorney is seeking a mistrial of man accused of strangling a girl in her home and dumping the body over a bridge... A bride decided…

Daily Podcast 2.15.19

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:13:46) Junk Drawer (00:41:53) Bizarre File (01:12:15) Dan Cummins (01:24:59) Personal Hygiene (01:49:04) Chelsea Handler & Ty Pennington (02:12:40) BFile, Music News, Hollywood Trash, Tat-Friday (02:34:34) Wrap Up (02:57:39)
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#647 Siblings Burn Down Family Home Fighting Over Box of Cheez-Its

Man has to rescue his mother from their home from a fire that started because of two brothers fighting over a box of Cheez Its… A monkey kidnapped a 2 year old boy from a house in India and hugged the boy and refused to give it back…  For the second time in 2 weeks,…

Daily Podcast 02.14.19

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:11:34) Valentine Stories (00:45:22) Bizarre File (01:15:43) Valentine History (01:35:13) Romantic Comedies (01:54:32) Bizarre File (02:15:36) Trash/Music News (02:29:23) Wrap Up (02:52:44)
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Meet Our New Galentine, Syd Wilder

She is freaking adorable! (and sexy, sweet, hilarious... we could go on for hours). Listen to our interview with comedian Syd Wilder's who's hosting an anti-V-Day show tonight at Helium Comedy Club.    Bonus: The Kathy & Syd salsa video in case you missed it... https://bit.ly/2TJOgSN

#647 Pregnant Florida Woman Breastfeeds an Alligator…wait WHAT?!

A Japanese man on trial for theft of 70 pairs of shoes. A bang to a Colorado man’s head caused him to be able to play the Piano. A Texas man smoking pot in abandoned home found a Tiger in the garage. An absent minded tourist mistook his iPhone for food and threw it in…

Daily Podcast 02.13.19

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:12:24) Valentine's Day(00:42:54) Fox Good Day & Bizarre File (01:11:08) Talking About New Inventions(01:25:48) Syd Wilder (01:53:44)  Bizarre File (02:22:35)  Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:29:20) Wrap Up (02:43:43)
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