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Livestream Friday, February 16, 2024

• P&S Livestream is powered by Neumann University, Come Discover the NU You • The Preston & Steve Show Livestream Friday, February 16, 2024 Rundown Entertainment(00:00:00) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 7 Year long divorce finalized, Jodie Taylor-Smith alluded to new lover via Instagram post, Killian Murphey is not a fan of Photos with fans, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner months long divorce has settled, Paul McCartney re-united with long loss bass guitar, Dakota Johnson admits to lack of MCU knowledge, Season 4 of Umbrella Academy, Meryl Streep returns for season four of Only Murders in the Building. Movies opening this weekend and clips.  Connoisseur (00:25:44) William Bill Post passes away at 96, Whole Shabang! Potato Chips, Scientist create new cheese, Hershey Chocolate Announce Layoffs, Taco Bell Partners with Chefs, New TikTok Ghost Kitchen launches, Dairy Queen New Nutter Butter shake.   Bizarre File (00:59:40) Domino's Pizza Japan issues Apology, New York man arrested attempting to smuggle snakes into Canada, Delta flight forced to land after Maggots fell from overhead cabinet, A pair of reckless clowns were engaged in sex on top of subway car Woman attacked by Neighbor after calling her house messy. Movies and Shows that changed our lives (01:08:28) Preston came across an article on shows and movies that deeply changed people’s lives, Fans called in to talk about how shows deeply changed their world views and lifestyles.   Kyle Dunnigan (01:38:22) Kyle Dunnigan dropped by the studio,, he isn’t a bigger name than Billie Dee Williams by his own admission, His two roles in the upcoming Poptart's movie as Walter Cronkite and Johnny Carson, Kyle’s Youtube show where he is deepfaked as Celebrities doing impressions, differences from YouTube and television, the origins of Craig and Katty Daddy and Kyles amazing voice acting range. Kyle thanks for dropping by  Bizarre File (02:16:39) Car thieves ditched $600,000 worth of medical Implants and devices after jacking a car, Former checkout counter clerk pleads guilty to attempting to steal winning lottery ticket from a customer, Cape Coral Police Department on the hunt for armed robbers of Lowes in cookie monster pajamas, A Beijing man is banned from seeing Panda’s for life after throwing food to the Panda’s, A man found a navy training device washed up on a beach with a return number labelled on the side.  Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:27:56) A Documentary on Nickelback called Hate to Love is coming to theaters, Paul McCartney has been reunited with his lost bass guitar that was stolen in 1972, Slipknot and Stone Sour’s recordings of Corey Taylor doing covers of various bands. FM Band is hosting a Galentines event at Scotland Runs in New Jersey.  Wrap Up (02:38:55) Word of the week MGOOO! Thank you to the sponsors, Ten days of Pearl Jam, RAGE ON!  

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