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Livestream Friday, September 22, 2023

The Preston & Steve Show Livestream Friday, September 22, 2023 Rundown Entertainment Report [00:05:31] Russel brand is in trouble. Taylor Swift could be dating a local name. Kourtney Kardashian and Maranda Kerr baby bumps emerged on the social media pages yesterday. And much more!   Casey bought jeans! [00:40:01] Casey bought some new jeans, and he shows them off to the gang.   Bizarre File. [01:18:54] A woman was rescued in Michigan after she tried to investigate an outhouse for her lost apple watch. State Police and medical personnel arrived on the scene. A story from Holand; A solar panel in the shape of the Holand word for penis is causing uproar from the government. And more!   Connoisseur [01:38:05] Local chef Jen Carrol has an event coming up tonight! There's a poll released what people's favorite fast-food chain is late at night. Applebee's was given a chance to redeem themselves and they failed.   Glenn Howerton in-studio [02:15:53] Its always sunny Glenn Howerton joins the show!  Bizarre Files [03:11:51] A small Chernobyl problem is starting after a submarine rotted away in the ocean. Philip Paxston drove over a collapsed bridge and drowned. After his google maps lead him to a collapsed bridge. A man was walking through an airport naked was arrested. A daughter says how her father was abusive and she was happy he died in an obituary.   Kelly Ripa calls in [03:24:28] Local celebrity Kelly Ripa calls in and discusses her new book that is now on paperback!  Hollywood Trash & Wrap up [03:35:16] Rock stunned a pack crowd at WWE. Can you smell what the rock has reheated. Mickelson knew his addiction had gotten bad when the main point in this story was his addiction. Preston must leave early and thanks the guests. Lesson Question. Rage on!  

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