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Preston & Steve Show Livestream Thursday, July 18, 2024

• P&S Livestream is powered by Neumann University, Come Discover the NU You • The Preston & Steve Show LivestreamThursday, July 18, 2024 Rundown 00:00:00  Entertainment Report: Shogun, The Bear, Only Murders in the Building. Sofia Vergara is the first South American born to be nominated in best actress category. Best drama: the crown, fallout, the crown, shogun, three body problem. Best actor and actresses in a drama. Best comedy actor and actresses. Deadpool and wolverine comes out soon. Kerry Washington missed premier because of covid. Joe Biden also has covid. Fred Armisen is married (apparently 2 years ago)!! Joe Manganiello is firing back at Sofia Vergara. Naomi Pomeroy died in a freak tubing accident. Man convicted of steal Guy Fierri’s Lamborghini might get out on parole soon. The Russo Brothers might be coming back to direct more movies for marvel. HGTV Celebrity “I O U” cast announced. Mike Colter (Evil) shares takeaways playing evil characters. Cobra Kai is back! Billy Zapka applauds the cast for their physical abilities.  00:21:59   Spring Chickens: Have you ever been in a situation where you're the youngest person in the room by far? What's that like? Can you be friends? The gang takes calls to hear personal stories from our fans: including a fire at the zoo and “Old Bastards” on the golf course.  01:09:26   Bizarre Files: a 77-year-old woman phone-scammed out of 265k in gold and cash. Senior citizens are suckers. A person urinated on a church statue and rammed cyclists in Chicago. A Florida commissioner is getting heat after disturbing racist messages were leaked. Also accused of misusing campaign funds and sexual harassment.   01:30:51 Survey Says: The gang plays some survey says, looking at Emojis, Artists, Restaurant Etiquette, and Ninja Turtles.   02:05:33  Brandon Perea is On the Line: We welcomed Brandon Perea on our phones today to talk about his new movie, Twisters, which is premiering tomorrow in theaters! Thanks for talking to us today and introducing us to the wonderful sport of “Jamskating”.  02:29:30 Jim Florentine on Zoom: We also welcomed comedian Jim Florentine to talk about life, laughs, and his new trio show touring right now.   02:45:38  Bizarre Files: 90 giant African snails were confiscated at an airport. Cyanide has been found in all six people that died in a hotel in Bangkok. One of the dead is likely responsible. A Florida man who was desperate to dodge questioning from cops jumped in the ocean. The guy, AJ, had a warrant for his arrest. His girlfriend had been arguing with him and the cops before he jumped into the ocean. A meteor almost struck Earth's atmosphere near the statue of Liberty.  03:08:31 Hollywood Trash: Britney Spears suggests she misses her Ex-husband. Eddie Murphy finally married. Blue Bloods has a spinoff series in the works. Update on the Preston Eliot Trio: the band member texted back, and says he is in!  03:31:25 Rage On!: a big thank you to our guests today, Brandon Perea and Jim Florentine! Rage on and see you for no sad bro Fridays.  

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