Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic

Sponsored By Montage Mountain

The Cardboard Classic is a coveted tradition. This hilarious event features elaborate sleds made by loyal listeners and fans of the Preston & Steve Show. Sled-building teams come together to think up the funniest and most fantastic ideas for sleds. Sometimes, builders think of putting hidden messages in or on their sleds.

Whether it’s a message for good luck or something to make the participants laugh on their way down, hidden messages are a tradition on Cardboard Classic sleds. These messages aren’t overt. They are typically in or on the sled for only the riders to see. We happened to notice a few of these by looking closely.

Some of these “messages” are just Easter eggs (hidden references or jokes) that we find funny. You may have missed these as they were zooming past you down the mountain or in the pictures posted.

These little hand-written blurbs on the sleds add to their charm. Being handmade, they truly reflect the people who put in the time to work on them. Each cardboard piece, stroke of paint, and strip of tape have their own story. The little messages are put on without the intention of people noticing them right away. That’s what makes them feel special.

Here are 9 of the great hidden messages in or on Cardboard Classic sleds: