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Kathy Romano holds some stuffed seagulls during WMMR's Preston and Steve Show opening of the Jersey Shore Friday, May 24, 2024 at Keenan's in North Wildwood, New Jersey. Keenan’s is celebrating its 25th year in business. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/CAIN IMAGES)

The Preston & Steve Show’s annual broadcast from Keenan’s Irish Pub in North Wildwood.

What a way to kickoff Keenan’s 25th anniversary than with a couple thousand of our closest friends! The 93.3 WMMR Morning Show has been hosting the annual broadcast on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend for 19 years. The radio station began the tradition two or three years before that.

As is tradition, the line to get in wrapped around the block filled with thirsty party goers waiting for the doors to open at 6:30am. Once the seats filled by 6:35am, Preston & Steve finished their early morning Entertainment News segment and invited longtime friend of the show, Matthew Cieplinski (aka Enrico Pallazzo) to the stage to sing the National Anthem. Once he hit the last note of the song, the crowd erupted into applause and the bar was officially open.

Watch the entire show on The Preston & Steve YouTube Channel – Powered by Neumann University

That’s when the craziness really began. The contest portion of the day started with another tradition: Crowd Surfing. That’s when two petite listeners get hosted above the crowd and passed around the room. This year, the crowd surfer was dressed the Phillie Phanatic who was tasked with collecting his fellow freidn mascots, Swoop, Phang, Franklin and Gritty before arriving back at the stage. Next up was Swinging Weenies: five contestants had ropes tied around their wastes with hot dogs attached to the end. Without suing their hands, they had to swing their bodies and trust their hips to catch the hot dog in their mouth.

Back this year was the Seagull Screeching contest. It’s amazing how many people have a perfect seagull impression. Beer Run made a valiant return pitting four run happy listeners to a race of time and drinking skills. After that was Crowd Karaoke where the crowd sings lyrics to and a blind folded contestant has to guess which famous song they’re singing.

The Uptown String Band came out on stage lead by Jacky Bam Bam. We did one of our grossest contests ever called Spit Don’t Swallow where four friends took sips of milk, then spit them into the next person’s glass down the line to the fourth friend who spit it into a clear container. The morning wrapped with a soul cleanse of sorts during the Baptism of Beer. All of these activities and more were captured by our great friends Tina and Bill Cain of CAIN IMAGES.

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