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The sensational Mike Post recently joined the Preston and Steve show to talk about his compositions of major hit television series.  

Mike’s a West coast guy who grew up in California, but he later grew roots on the other coast. His wife is from West Philly, and she grew up in a big Irish family. Now Mike is a part of Philly and stated on the show, “I love the town that you guys work in.” Shout out to the City of Brotherly Love! 

This humble composer has a body of work that is comprised of many memorable theme songs from beloved TV series such as “The Rockford Files”; “L.A. Law”; “The A-Team”; “Blossom”; “Doogie Howser, M.D”; “Hardcastle and McCormick”; and “Quantum Leap”. 

Here are some of Mike’s theme songs that were discussed on the Preston and Steve Show:  

  • “Greatest American Hero”:  

    Nick loved that show when he was around 6 or 7 years old, so the theme song is very nostalgic to him. And apparently that theme song aired on “Seinfeld” one time. Jokingly, Nick asked if Mike made any money off that airing of his tune. In a slow response, Mike answered, “Hmm let me think about that…HELL YES!”   

    Casey told Mike that “The Greatest American Hero” was the sole reason why he quit football back in 1981. Just like in the show, Casey didn’t know how to land, so the team would sing the theme song to him before practice started. Mike viewed that as a good thing because now, Casey is in Radio! 

  • “Hill Street Blues”:  

    Mike was working with two star-producers, Steven Bochco and Greg Hoblit, at the time. Bochco and Hoblit explained how the music needed to show the wins and losses that were written in the show. There were murders happening to babies being born!  

    After reading the script and talking to the producers, Mike went to the studio and played a melody immediately in E flat. 30 minutes later, he called Bochco to get to the studio right away. Bochco and Hoblit walked into the studio and Mike played the theme song melody. And as Mike put it, Bochco exclaimed, “Yeah. That’s my show. Done.” 

  • “NYPD Blue”:

    Steve wanted to know how Mike came up with the percussive sound that set the tone of the show so well. Mike set the story through his own thought process he had at the time: 

    “I’m trying to come up with these 1 minute little hit records that define the show. I want those guys that I work for to walk out going, ‘If I could write music, that’s exactly what I would’ve done.’” 

    When Mike got the script, he loved it. Bochco and Hoblit, went out to have lunch at a restaurant with him to talk about the production of the show and any musical ideas. Bochco thought about having the theme song be just drums while Hoblit thought about subways. Mike joked, “Okay you two geniuses. Drums and subways. That’s what I’m gonna walk away with?” 

    Later, Mike went to the studio and began creating the iconic intro. He took the sound of the drum fill from Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” song and wanted to “beat that tom-tom sound”. It was one of his favorite licks ever. Then he made a groove from the sound of a train on a track. For the middle section, Mike thought about the original NYPD that was founded in the 1800’s. Historically, the officers were all Irish. So, he added Irish-based sounds. In the end, Mike got Subway and drums. 

  • “Law & Order”:

    Writer, Dick Wolf and Mike had a conversation about the production of the show during drinks. Wolf sent Mike the script for him to gain musical ideas for the theme song. Mike loved the script but needed Wolf to give him guidance on what he wanted the music to be like.  

    Wolf’s only reply was, “More than anything, write some music that defines NYC.”  

    Even though George Gershwin already did that – really well – Mike created a defining NYC sound for “Law and Order”. After the song was put together, Wolf loved it. 

  • “Bay City Blues”:

    One song that was for a show that flew under the radar, was for “Bay City Blues”. It was a short-lived series about minor league baseball. Steve used to love that show and Mike did too.  

    “You do art for a living, it’s an emotionally risky business for sure.” 

    Mike Post continues to compose music of all kinds. He recently released his new album titled, “Message from the Mountains & Echoes of the Delta”.  

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