Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween Tips and Tricks

Here’s a list of things to give Trick-Or-Treaters instead of candy this Halloween. These alternatives make the holiday fun for all.

Candy gets all the spotlight on Halloween. As a society, we have placed all the emphasis on TREATS, no tricks, on October 31st. Kids like treats. It’s easy to buy a bag of fun-size candy bars and toss ’em in a bowl. You stick that bowl by your front door with a sign that says “Take one, please.” Or, you stand there in your doorway, bowl in hand, delegating the sweets to the smiling, toothless faces in costumes.

That’s fine, but as a kid, the thrill may be gone. With everyone in the neighborhood giving candy out, kids may want a shake-up. Some pizazz. Something that says, “I’M DIFFERENT!”

Also, kiddos with food allergies have trouble finding candies they can enjoy. They may forgo trick-or-treating altogether, avoiding the disappointment of a bunch of candy they can’t eat. And that’s SAD. All kids should be able to trick-or-treat and enjoy it!

So, why not hand out non-candy items to Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween? Kids love toys and trinkets as much as they love sugar. Be the house that shakes things up!

Here are things to give Trick-Or-Treaters instead of candy this Halloween:

  • Slime

    New York Comic Con 2021 - Day 4

    It’ sticky. It’s gooey. It is absolutely perfect for kids. Slime comes in packs of multiple tiny pots that you can hand out on Halloween. Kids will go bananas for slime, it’s a huge craze.

  • Fidget Toys

    Latest Toy Craze Fidget Spinners, Wildly Popular With Kids

    Kids are also into all things fidget toys these days. Pop-its, stress balls, or fidget spinners will have kids leaving your porch happily.

  • Rubber Ducks

    Nuremberg Toy Fair 2014

    You can never go wrong with rubber ducks. They’re classic and come in enough of a variety that all kids feel represented. They’re fun to play with, collect, or display.

  • Stickers

    Kids love stickers. Always have. Always will. If you pick up a pack of Halloween stickers, kids will automatically peel them off and wear them on their faces or hands. It’s a universal experience and they almost always love it.

  • Play-Doh

    "Play-Doh Squished" Premiere in Los Angeles

    Play-Doh is in the same category as slime, only significantly less messy. Parents and kids will be happy with this choice.

  • Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary Tattoo Parlor Caters To Kids

    Halloween-themed temporary tattoos are always fun for kids. They get in on the fun of tattoos without the commitment. It’s another one of those universally-loved kid things.

  • Silly Bandz

    Silly Bandz ROCK. You can buy a pack and hand out one per kid. They come in fun shapes and kids love to trade them.

  • Glow Sticks

    Glow sticks are fun and functional. They act as safety measures for kids trick-or-treating out there in the dark. They also amp up any costume, and kids love how magical they seem.

  • A Trick

    Halloween Decorations Begin Going Up

    You can always bait and switch, pranking kiddos that come by. Try to hand them something gross like a bag of raw carrots before giving them the real treat. Or, do something a bit spookier, like using a bowl that grabs their hands back. They squeal, but it makes for good memories!

  • Good Non-Candy Food

    Last Shipment Of Hostess Twinkies Arrives In Chicago Area Stores

    If you’re just tired of giving out candy, but aren’t worried about being allergy-conscious, try giving out other pre-packaged foods. Snack cakes and small bags of chips are always good bets.

  • NO-GO's!

    New Study Suggests That Raisins Aid In Oral Health

    But, if you plan to give out non-candy food, here’s what kids hate to receive. Sorry, but if you like giving these things out, you may want to change your ways.

    Raisins, apples, popcorn balls, bags of pretzels, and any unwrapped or unpackaged food/candy are NO-GO’s. Don’t go giving these things out if you don’t want to get ambushed by angry toddlers and children.

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