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#603 Mounties Recover go on High Speed Chase to Recover $20K of Maple Syrup

Man is arrested for shooting his own son over a Thanksgiving argument…  Woman is saved from being stuck in a trash compactor… Man accused of DUI and thinks he is in an Uber instead of a police car… Man who hit a woman on the shoulder with his penis claimed he was “just urinating”...  Viral…

Daily Podcast (12.05.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment Round-Up (00:08:49) Philly #1 (00:51:25) Bizarre File (01:14:08) Instruments, Gifts, and Socialmedia Shrinking (01:26:08) Loop There it is (01:56:23) Bizarre File (02:21:20) Hollywood Trash and Music News (02:23:09) Wrap up (02:48:24)
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