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Daily Podcast (10.15.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment Round-Up (00:11:57) Too Early/Redflags (00:46:38) Bizarre File (01:12:314) Elias Interview (01:24:05) Jake Voracek/Costaki Econompolous (01:45:48) Bizarre File/AIDS Walk Cari Bender and Robb Reichard (02:12:32) Hollywood Trash and Music News (02:28:14) Wrap up (02:41:25)
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Daily Podcast (10.12.18)

(00:00:00) News (00:12:05) Entertainment (00:44:28) The Noticer: Millennial American Cheese, Recognizing 5000 Faces, Nose Picking Dangers (01:17:17) Bizarre Files (01:27:29) Sam Tripoli and Eddie Bravo (02:07:02) Genie Francis (02:20:30) The Bizarre Files (02:35:38) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:48:31)Wrap Up
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#571 Don't Leave a Hooker in the Car with the Engine Running

Off duty cop picked up prostitute and left  her in running car with the and gun in front and she sped off with car...Dean from a florida university resigned after he was caught being involved in a sex act on campus…A New Jersey us postal service worker discarded a bunch of mail on the road…