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#515 Would You Upgrade To First Class If The Person In The Next Seat Was ROTTING?

Two members of a religious cult were charged with polygamy…  a Wisconsin man was trying to capture upskirt photos when the camera on his foot exploded… man threw a firework into the trunk of a car and essentially blew the whole thing apart… Colorado family discovered bear climbing their deck to socialize with their dog……

#514 Which Isle Do You Keep The Decapitated Heads? This One Is Expired

A woman with a machete forced a man to have sex with her after breaking into his home... A schizophrenic man walked in a grocery store with his mother's decapitated head after killing his mother and dog... A pilot accidentally punched in a code signifying that the plane was being hijacked... A Florida man was…

Daily Podcast (07.12.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainmet News (00:06:33) Pruney Fingertip Phobia (00:43:53) The Bizarre Files (01:20:37) Relationships (01:31:24) Rob Funches (02:02:24) The Bizarre Files (02:23:52) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:32:04) Wrap Up (02:44:24)
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Daily Podcast (07.11.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainmet News (00:13:14) Retail Store Dinners (00:45:45) The Bizarre Files (1:05:41) Fire in Kensington (01:22:33) What's up with Speedos? (2:00:50) The Bizarre Files (02:23:16) Music News, Hollywood Trash (02:31:29) Wrap Up (02:46:11)
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#513 Always Check Your IKEA Couches for Guns as Bullets May or May Not Be Included

Man was spotted riding a hood of a car on 95 in Florida while on the phone… Florida man broke into his old house and stole a pulled pork sandwich and an energy drink…Woman found out she had a parasitic worm under her skin after a lump on her face started to move…Man’s wife brought…

Daily Podcast (07.10.18)

News (00:00) E-News (00:10:49) Dead Malls (00:40:33) Bizarre Files (1:15:57) Man-of-War Strings (01:24:47) Ian Laperriere (01:48:47) Bizarre Files (02:09:36) Music News/Hollywood Trash/Interview with Ro Reiner (02:19:36) Wrap Up (02:43:47)
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#512 Drunk Teen Discovers Drive Thrus Only Allow Cars, Not Golf Carts

A police officer was fired after pulling over his daughter’s boyfriend during a traffic stop… A NJ man paddle boarded to work in Manhattan across the Hudson River... 9,000 bottles of bourbon fell on to the street after a building with the bourbon collapsed… Two people in Montana were injured after swerving after seeing a…

Daily Podcast (07.09.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainmet News (00:11:49) Lice Adventures (00:48:12) The Bizarre Files/Eagles in London Announcement (1:20:19) Ettiquite Tips to Teach Our Youth (01:42:40) Ettiquite Tips (continued) (02:14:50) The Bizarre Files (02:36:52) Music News & Hollywood Trash (02:46:44) Wrap Up (02:58:28)

Daily Podcast (07.06.18)

Best Of! Sally Struthers (00:00:00). Sent To The Store For Something, Bringing Back Something Totally Different (00:20:44). Excuses For Cheating (00:53:41). Aaron Sorkin (01:16:40). Bizarre Files (01:51:27). Getting Caught And Blaming A Friend (01:59:23). Nikki Glaser (02:21:41). Bizarre Files (02:53:14). Hollywood Trash & Movies Everyone Loves But You Don't (03:02:19).
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#510 What’s on the menu today? Mmmm, Human remains and dog piss!

A Bear got trapped inside of a Subaru outback and destroyed the interior so badly that the doors could not be unlocked. …Kansas man charged by having sex with a tail pipe in an automobile... Indiana women dragged a nail salon employee with her car because she was unhappy about the job she had done…