Popular Christmas Side Dishes

It's days away from Christmas. Are you hosting? Are you stuck on what to make as a side dish? Do you need an idea for a side dish, but don't know where to start? Guilty Eats has listed the most popular Christmas side dishes for 2023. I noticed my Cheesy Creamy Spinach is not on the list... Don't worry we'll change that and get you the recipe at the end of this article. 9) Cranberry Sauce – Better be the jellied. Need that "slurp" when it leaves the can as much as kids need presents on Christmas 8) Green Bean Casserole – A staple at my wife's family's Thanksgiving & Christmas. Big fan of unhealthy green bean recipes.. 6) Deviled Eggs – I used to be disgusted by deviled eggs. I'm not sure what changed about my tastes, but I definitely think they're a good app for a party or holiday gathering 2) Mashed Potatoes – I love mashed potatoes. What I love even more is the cheesy shredded/mashed potatoes that are a Christmas staple with my mom's side of the family. Absolutely love them. They're almost as good as the creamy cheesy spinach recipe you're about to be gifted.. 1) Bread or Rolls – Hell yea dude! Carb life! Bread is amazing. Especially if the bread or rolls are warm. Pfff! Just ram it down my throat. The side dish that is missing is my Christmas gift to you. It was also my Thanksgiving gift to you, but if you missed that article here it is: Cheesy Creamy Spinach This recipe is probably enough for 8-10 people, but if you have a smaller gathering cut the ingredient amounts in half. If you have a smaller gathering and make the full recipe listed below you’re going to have plenty of delicious leftovers! 4 pack of frozen chopped spinach 8 TBSP butter (1 stick) 4 TBSP Flour 1/2 tsp pepper 1 1/2 tsp garlic salt 4 TBSP chopped onion (dried chopped onion in your seasoning cabinet works perfectly. 1 cup evaporated milk 1 cup spinach water (left over after you defrost and strain the spinach) 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce 3 jars of Kraft Old English Cheese Spread (finding these can be difficult, seems like no store keeps them in the same spot) Microwave and drain spinach. Keep 1 cup of strained spinach water. *On Low to Medium heat* Melt butter in a pot, and stir in flour to make a rue. Add evaporated milk and spinach water Mix in spices (chopped onion, pepper, garlic salt, Worcestershire) Add cheese, and cook until melted stirring every few minutes. (At this point you can bump the temp up a little bit to get the cheese to melt faster.) Once the cheese has fully melted add strained spinach and stir until everything is cheese-covered. Pour into a baking dish or aluminum tray and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. I hope it’s as big a hit with your family as it is with mine. and most of my in-laws. I also hope you have leftovers. Merry Christmas! [select-listicle listicle_id="939185" syndication_name="mastering-potluck-etiquette-with-these-tips" description="yes"]