Preston & Steve’s Christmas Miracle 2020

December 2220206:00 am - 10:00 am

Christmas Miracle: the Pollyanna–belle Edition, presented by Parx Casino and Sportsbook.

online entry:

When: Tuesday 12/22 – 7am-10am(ish)

What: An on-air celebration to giveaway cool prizes to our wonderful listeners from a winter wonderland of sponsors and advertisers!

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parx casino and sportsbook

How do I get in on the Christmas Miracle action?

  • Listen to The Preston & Steve Show Tuesday morning, December 22nd.
  • Three times that morning, Preston will ask a trivia question on air (1 time each at about 7:05am, 8:10am, and 8:50am).
  • You will be told to text your answer to 39333, or enter it via Five people that submit the correct answer as we’ve determined it to be will be randomly selected as winners to participate in the on-air ‘Preston & Steve white elephant’ style gift exchange.
  • Those 5 participants will be given a number, dictating the order in which they will go to select a prize.
  • The participant with the numeral 1 will go first, the participant assigned the numeral 5 will go last.
  • The participant with numeral 1 will be instructed to select a prize from the FIVE (5) mystery prize boxes, and they win what’s in that prize box. This being a white elephant style game, that prize can be stolen by subsequent participants.
  • The participant with numeral 2 will be instructed to either select a prize from the FOUR (4) remaining mystery prize boxes, OR they may steal the prize already revealed.
    • if participant with numeral 2 steals from participant 1,  participant 1 will then pick from the remaining boxes. That first person gets to pick again before #3 goes.
    • if participate with numeral 2 picks from the mystery boxes, then it goes to participant with numeral 3 to either steal or pick from what’s left, and so on!
  • A Prize package may only be swapped a maximum of three (3) times. If at any point during a game, a Prize package has been swapped three (3) times, it will be permanently assigned to the contestant who swapped it the third time, and no remaining contestant may opt to swap it.
  • Once the fifth Prize package is revealed, that instance’s game is over.
  • One entry per person per Trivia Question. A person may only be chosen one (1) time to participate in a ‘Preston & Steve white elephant-style’ game.
  • Contest Rules

Prizes up for grabs are courtesy of our wonderland of sponsors:

Parx Casino   Primo Hoagies Squeezed ACME Rivialists Steven Singer Godshalls Dunkin DiBruno Catering Hamboards Jabra Herrs Kaenon Cinnabon Lord of the Rings Ginnys Cookies




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