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This list of lazy hacks will make you will make you feel better about cutting corners in your personal life. It might even give you some ideas.

We have all acted on our laziness more than we would like to admit. Now that you’re thinking about it, it’s probably more often than you realize. We’re here to tell you that IT’S OKAY! We all do it and we need to make lazy hacks acceptable in the right situation.

Are you lying in bed and can’t reach your water? Keep a bonus bottle under your pillow. Don’t want to get up during the game? Ask your kid to grab you a drink from the fridge. Hate picking up dog poop? Spray paint the color of the ground. Okay, that last one is a little weird. 

The Preston & Steve Show dove into a list of Funny Things People Have Done to Avoid a Minor Inconvenience. Some were reasonable while others were downright unacceptable! You may be wondering if people are that lazy after hearing the list. People really can be.

We opened it up to the 93.3 WMMR Audience to give share the lazy hacks from their own lives. Are these hacks genius or just plain peculiar? You’ll have to judge for yourself.

Lazy Hacks

Below are five hacks that stood out. If you would like to listen to the entire conversation, head over to The Preston & Steve Livestream page.

  • Texting From Downstairs

    iPhone Launched By T-Mobile Germany

    “It wasn’t me, it was my daughter. She waited until I got home. When she heard me come inside, she sent me a text from upstairs and asked me to bring her a bowl of ice cream.”

    Cell phones have brought laziness to a whole new level.

  • Premium Price

    CDU/CSU And SPD Present New Coalition Contract

    “I hate filling out paperwork and forms. It takes me an hour. My girlfriend can knock it out in about 20 minutes. I offer her fifty bucks to fill it out for me. She makes me Zelle it to her because she knows I won’t give her cash.”

    Wins all around?

  • Just out of reach

    Engineering Students Compete In Robotics Competition

    You’re not alone if you use an instrument to get something just out of reach. One of these hacks may be helpful:

    • A listener lost the remote to his fireplace, we made a stick long enough to turn it on from across the room.
    • Where Preston does his work at night is just out of reach of the light switch. He uses his laptop to turn it on.
    • Steve positions himself in the bed in just the right spot so that he can swing a pillow to close the door.
  • Paper v. Porcelain

    London 2012 - Restaurants And Bars

    “It’s okay to use disposable plates every once in a while instead of washing dishes. Bonus if you use the nicer, plastic disposable plates multiple times instead of the flimsy paper ones. It’s kinda the same as using a regular plate… but not.”

    Wasting paper is bad, but saving water is good!

  • It's Called Relief For A Reason

    Bottled Water Craze Outpaces Recycling Efforts

    “I keep a pee bottle next to my bed. There’s also one next to my couch. When  I don’t feel like getting up to go to the bathroom, I just use the bottle.”

    Just like you, we have questions. Here’s what we learned:

    • He uses the bottle for about a week. Or until it’s filled up to the sixth rivet.
    • His partner supposedly does not know about the bottle.
    • It’s kept out of sight.
  • C- for Effort

    Hugh Bowman In Training

    “I drive around the parking lot looking for the spot closest to the door of the gym. I’m going to the gym to burn calories, but I need to get the closest parking spot.”

    The endorphins from getting a good parking spot are a natural pre-workout.

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