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A recent article posted on The Sun points out that the average couple’s sex life tends to diminish in the Fall. It could be blamed on kids going back to school, busy times at work, or the fact that there are no more vacations in sight. It could also be the thought that those itty bitty outfits will soon be replaced by cozy layers that purposely cover every inch of your lover’s body.

Not to say that cozy isn’t sexy! Everyone has different turn ons and turn offs, and that is what makes this article great.

Sexpert Kate Taylor lists thirty tips for couples to keep the spark going through the month of September. Or Sextember as she calls it. Surprisingly, most are pretty helpful for anyone who needs a little boost. Lists like this can fall into super cheesy territory, but this one is filled with good tips and suggestions and mostly stays away from lame ideas.

Of course, The Preston & Steve Show poked fun at a few of the topics.  We highly recommend reading along while listening to today’s segment reviewing the 30 tips for reigniting passion. Hit play to go right to the segment then scroll along with the list.

  • 1. Snog

    Snogging = Kissing (not a snot rocket like we thought). The writer recommends that you begin your ‘Sextember’ by snogging your partner for three minutes.

    Gently bite their bottom lip and suck their top lip. Making out can dissolve relationship tension and boost your bonding hormones.

  • 2. Redecorate

    Sexify your bedroom by adding candles, extra pillows, and silky satin sheets. Maybe not the sheets, they seem slippery and hot.

    But Kathy is totally on board with the decluttering and cleaning instructions, not so much the Saucy Suggestion Box, but have at it!

  • 3. Ditch the Routine

    Have normal sex at an unusual time.

    Shifting to an early-morning lie-on or afternoon delight can get you out of your rut and make standard sex feel fresh. FYI: Immediately taking a poop is not “that time.”

  • 4. PDA

    Whisper some filthy words into your partner’s ears. Have spicy pillow talk in a public place. Discuss your filthiest fantasies while shopping together or grabbing coffee. Or, if you’re super confident, use the loudspeaker at a big box store. 

    See who can keep their hands to themselves the longest… and not get arrested. 

  • 5. Eat more Rocket

    Rocket = Arugula (not snot rockets). According to science, the humble rocket lettuce leaf can super-charge men’s testosterone and block environmental contaminants that can dull our libidos.

    So, who’s up for a salad tonight?

  • 6. Shower Sex

    Scrub up your routine by getting frisky in the bath or shower. Not only is bathroom bonking frantic, fun and frisky, but sharing a tub means you’re doing your bit for the drought.

    Except shower sex always sounds more fun than it really is. Give it a whirl, or simply use the detachable head on your own balls. 

  • 7. Swap fantasies

    Tell each other your hottest role-play scenario or fantasy you’d love to come true. You’ll bring them to life for each other in week four, so start gathering any costumes or props.

    Topic Starter: Balky + Cousin Larry 

  • 8. Lusticle Listicle

    Draw up a list together of the kinkiest activities you can imagine.

    Then each say whether each one is a Yes (I’m up for that), No (I’m not) or a Maybe.

  • 9. Watch TV Naked

    Confirming: the people on TV can not see you back.

    Throw a blanket on the sofa then snuggle up to watch a film together. The skin-to-skin contact will boost your oxytocin (the bonding hormone) and increase feelings of arousal.

  • 10. Two-a-Days

    Double the fun by fitting in TWO sexy episodes of full sex, or climactic foreplay. Discover how many hours in the day you have for sex when you prioritize it.

  • 11. Splurge on New Undies

    Lackluster underwear makes you lack lust. Spice up your smalls by buying a few new pieces for you and for him.

    Model them tonight with a striptease.

  • 12. Cinnabons

    NOW WE’RE TALKING! Waffles are good too but… Cinnamon is an effective aphrodisiac. Warm, spicy cinnamon is a powerful aphrodisiac. Wake up your partner with cinnamon coffee and a hot cinnamon roll, and see what happens.

    Plus those creamy nubs from the center of a Cinnabon are super yummy. 

  • 13. Make it all about them

    It’s all about them today. Bring them to climax in their favorite way.

    Don’t worry – you’ll get your come-uppance.

  • 14. Make it a race

    *cue the Saber Dance music*

    Have sex in the fastest possible time. Cut straight to the good part and aim to finish in five minutes or less.

  • 15. Take Something For That

    Noticed flagging libidos at home? Find out why.

    Check the side-effects of any medication, and then try some natural remedies, like Maca Root powder, Ginseng or Ginko Bilboa.

  • 16. Take Charge

    He’s your slave tonight and must do anything you need to bring you to an earth-moving climax – whether that’s passionate sex or just cleaning the oven.

  • 17. Easy Does It

    Energy flagging? Try a slow, comfy position, like Sofa Surfer. He lies back on the sofa, you sit on top of him, at a 90 degree angle, feet on the floor. Bliss. Casey & Nick demonstrate:

  • 18. Relaaaaaaaaaax

    Enjoy a sexy massageCredit: Getty

    How far this goes is up to you.

    Warm some coconut oil and massage each other for at least 20 minutes, gradually building up to a happy ending – sex, snuggling, or just sleep.

  • 19. Reading is Fun!

    Ever hear of Moby Dick? Women are highly aroused by words and sounds.

    Listen together to free erotic short stories on, or read out your sexiest passages from books.

  • 20. Keep a Calendar

    Even if you don’t have periods, there’ll be times during the month when you feel extra saucy, or moody and tired.

    Start keeping a diary of your libido so you can learn what kills the mood, or when you’re most likely to enjoy great sex.

  • 21. Solo Fun

    Not like Star Wars. Although that could be incorporated into #7. 

     Take an evening to enjoy what turns YOU on. Dig out your favorite toy or try a new position while you put the moves on yourself. You can do this mutually, or solo.

  • 22. Crash a Zoom Meeting

    Bombard your partner with fun, flirty, filthy messages.

    Surprise them on Skype by showing up naked. Or leave them a lusty love note listing what turns you on about them.

  • 23. Add Vodka

    Mix up a cocktail that harnesses the aphrodisiac qualities of chili and pineapple. I call it the ASBO.

    • Split one chilli In half and remove the seeds.
    • Muddle it in a shaker with a measure of vodka and 125ml pineapple juice.
    • Add ice, shake, and serve in bed.
  • 24. Finish #7: Part A

    Remember the fantasy I told you to tell your partner about? Bring it to life.

    Use costumes or props to set the scene and stay in character even when passion takes over.

  • 25. #7: Part B

    Live out your partner’s sexual fantasiesCredit: Getty

    Time to make your partner’s sexy dream come true.

    Become their favorite character or set up their ideal scenario and enjoy the power of deeply turning them on.

  • 26. Bzzzzzzzzzz

    Browse a sex-toy website together and choose a new toy.

    Simple bullet vibrators can be powerful on both of you, or try a buzzing ring to wear during sex.

  • 27. Add in kitchen appliances

    Try temperature play. Use toys that have been chilled in the fridge, along with a warming, tingly oil.

  • 28. Fire up the PornHub

    Play your favorite filthy films for each other – whether a Hollywood one, or an X-rated clip – then discuss exactly why it turns you on.

    Bonus points if you re-enact the hottest scene!

  • 29. Plan a Post Mortem Pow Wow

    Don’t let the good times fizzle out next month.

    Look back on your favorite activities from the past 30 days, and schedule them in for October.

  • 30. DO IT!

    End the month with agonizingly slow sex. Enjoy five minutes of snogging, and a minimum of 20 minutes’ foreplay.

    By increasing the action beforehand, you’ll heighten your arousal and experience a much more powerful finish. Have fun!

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