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Bill Weston has been Program Director (aka the boss!) at 93.3 WMMR for 19+ years. That’s on top of a long radio career that took him to cities like New York City and Providence before landing in Philadelphia. Over the summer, Bill announced that he would be retiring on December 31, 2023.

Because 10 sounds desperate… here’s the top 9 things that have worried Bill Weston the most over his almost two decades as Program Director at 93.3 WMMR.

Feel free to read them out of order.

  • #9 Getting knocked off the air by Kathy’s birthday pony pissing in the studio.

    Kathy's Birthday Pony (2006)

  • #8 Pierre crashing hard off the top off a cardboard double decker bus at Jack Frost.

  • #7a At The Art Museum, in the back of a squad car explaining why we just rolled 10,000 marbles down the steps.

  • #7b Being sued by some tourist slipping on a marble we failed to pick up.

  • #6a Intern Joe falling off a crane hoisted toilet next to I-95.

  • #6b Intern Joe going to Lankenau ER with a case of ‘hot sauce in rectum.’

  • #5 Intern Steve getting arrested on a highway overpass in a thong.

  • #4 Naked models in studio for Kathy’s Penis Drawing Party.

    Note: Technically it wasn’t just for Kathy, it was a full show party. 

  • #3a Fear of losing our lease… when Preston & Steve’s Haunted Whore Ride passed front entrance- witnessed by visiting Tishman-Speyer execs…

    haunted whore ride

  • #3b Fear of losing our lease when Casey performs a pressed ham on Philly Insurance main window... sporting only an ice cream-soaked jock strap.

    Drunk Day Double Dare 2008

  • #2 The Vag Project, during morning rush, landing on I-95… or passing through final approach of Philly International Airport.

    VAG Project (2006)

  • #1 Nacho Cannon.

  • Bill's goodbye video montage...

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