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FLASHBACK: Preston & Steve With The Tiger King Conversation Everyone Was Waiting For

Flashback to April 1, 2020: The Tiger King conversation took over world. To be fair, it was a confusing time. We were creeping up on the end of the expected "two week" quarantine with no relief in site. Most work was put on halt, except for those frontline workers who were risking their lives everyday to keep the world running. As people followed the lockdown restrictions, the days began to blur and and the thirst for new content grew. Then Tiger King came along. Talk about timing. The show took the world by storm. But not at first. The show debuted on March 20, 2020. At first it didn't pique the interest of the common viewer. But within days, social media and newly established Zoom Meetups were littered with the phrase "you have to watch this!" And it was right up our alley. With proper avoid-spoilers-warning, The Preston & Steve Show hosted a recap of the Florida phenomenon.  Flashback to that conversation with us below. *Remember, this Tiger King conversation occurred before the controversies that followed the show's debut. Before Joe Exotic's divorce from Dillon Passage and announcement revealing an aggressive prostate cancer diagnosis. Before the investigation into Carole Baskin's missing husband. Before she joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Before Doc Antle was charged with money laundering. Before Eric Cowie's sudden passing. Before Jeff Lowe took over G.W. Exotic Animal Park, and before he had to hand it over to Carole Baskin. Original Post: After hosting weekly LOST recaps for six years straight, we made the choice to cease next day TV show reviews as the "Spoiler Alert" culture grew and viewing habits continued to change. But these days of self quarantine have diminished our restraints and increased our free time to catch up on every show ever.  Also, let's be honest, Tiger King has taught us to throw all the freaking rules out the window! [with proper warning] We had a comprehensive conversation about the Netflix sensation that's filling our timelines with memes and dominating the topics of our Zoom happy hours. If the reactions of The Preston & Steve Show to the hot mess of characters aren't enough, we also heard from someone who spent her honeymoon in a trailer at Joe Exotic's animal park and another person who worked at tiger sanctuary years ago who provided insights we never could have imagined. Now it's time for all you cool cats and kittens to take a listen:  [iframe src="https://omny.fm/shows/preston-steve-fun-size-podcast/preston-steve-discuss-tiger-king/embed" width="100%" height="180" frameborder="0" title="Preston & Steve Discuss Tiger King"] The one and only takeaway we got from Joe Exotic is to end every adventure with a song. Take it away, Preston: https://youtu.be/wX8wAJpyJ4Q Photo Gallery: The Preston & Steve Show is one with the Tiger King: [gallery ids="712074,712075,712070,712072,712071,712073"]

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