Her Story With Kathy Romano

Her Story With Kathy Romano

Her Story With Kathy Romano

From Kathy Romano, co-host The Preston & Steve Show, mornings on 93.3 WMMR  and Her Story on 95.7 BEN-FM:

I grew up in Bucks County and graduated from Pennsbury High School before moving to Chester County to attend West Chester University and then eventually to Montgomery County where I’ve called home for the past 18 years. I have the fondest memories of being raised in Bucks County and often travel back to the beautiful county.

People not from the county often don’t know how much there is to do and how much Bucks County has to offer, not only to residents but visitors coming for the day, a weekend, or longer! I’ve created a list of 20 things that either take me back to Bucks County or produce fond memories that make me smile! Many things on the list are still available to enjoy but there are some places I grew up going to that are now gone or sold, like the home I grew up in. But I do drive by if I’m in the area. It doesn’t look the same but driving by along with traveling anywhere in the county always brings back memories of my childhood, early adulthood and recent visits I still enjoy with my family and friends.

Kathy Romano’s 20 Favorite Things About Bucks County:

  • 1) East Lane

    This is the street where I grew up. As I enter the Elderberry section of Levittown it brings back all of my childhood memories.  Everything from learning to ride a bike to practicing parallel parking between a trashcan and my little brother’s red and yellow little tikes toy car for my driving test happened on East Lane.

    Kathy Romano's family on the porch of her childhood home

  • 2) Sesame Place

    My family was yearly season ticket holders. I continued the tradition and became a season ticket holder again when my son was young. We love Sesame in the summer months, in the fall during the Count’s Halloween Spooktacular and in the winter for the Very Furry Christmas Celebration.  It’s amazing to see how much the park has grown since I first started going in the 80’s. This is a Buck’s County staple that we still love today.

    Kathy Romano on a roller coaster

  • 3) LPRA Pools

    If you’re my age or older you will remember the LPRA. I grew up living right next door to one of the pools. So most of my summers were spent at the pool, except for Tuesdays which was cleaning day.  We always hated Tuesdays. The day they filled in the pool was a sad day for me.  A major part of my childhood was gone.

    Young Kathy climbing out a pool

  • 4) Cornwell Heights Roller Skating Rink

    Don’t forget your rollerskates was the phrase uttered to my cousin Katie every time I hung up the phone that was mounted on the kitchen wall in my childhood home. That was because every weekend my mom drove us to Cornwell Heights where I dominated every contest and race that took place at the roller skating rink. That’s right, I was good!

    Retro classic white leather roller skates and girl’s legs - sports equipment and recreation. Pastel pink background.


  • 5) V&S Pizza

    Everyone has “their pizza place.” V&S was ours! Delicious sauce with the exact amount of cheese to perfectly create a delicious pizza pie.

  • 6) St. Mike's Fair

    As a child, the week that the St. Mike’s Fair was in town was an exciting one. We would see them setting up when leaving church on Sunday and return several times throughout the week. It’s where I realized I hated funnel cake and the Gravitron. Or maybe it was the combination of both that created my dislike for both of them.

  • 7) Bowman's tower

    In High School this was our go-to on Sundays. We’d pile into someone’s car (sometimes mine), drive to Bowman’s Tower and go for a hike. It was the location of a lot of my photographs for my high school photography class.

  • 8) Pennsbury High School

    Speaking of high school, I loved it. I have very fond memories of that school and the lifelong friends I made there. I was a cheerleader, on the diving team, on the homecoming court and the manager of the baseball team. We had a close knit group of friends that I still stay in with. Our high school group text is filled with memories from our years together.

    Kathy Romano High School Cheerleading photo

  • 9) Oxford Valley Mall

    Like the pizza place, this was my mall. I haven’t been there in years but I was there quite often growing up. I worked at the Wall for a while and at Express for one holiday season. I then realized retail wasn’t for me.  But it’s where my love of shopping was created.

    WMMR's Kathy Romano and Jacky Bam Bam at Oxford Valley Mall

    Posted by Oxford Valley Mall on Monday, August 22, 2011
  • 10) New Hope

    Every time I go to New Hope I get there and say I forget how much I love this place. I recently had dinner at Ferry + Main and saw Tommy and Me at the Bucks County Playhouse. It’s an amazing little playhouse and beautifully scenic town to walk through.

  • 11) Oxford Valley Pool

    I worked at the Oxford Valley Pool from 15  years old until I graduated college. That place is like a memory capsule for me. Every time I drive by a different memory comes to me. I started in the snack bar and quickly moved to the pool as a lifeguard and eventually became the assistant manager. Funny connection: one of our current Preston & Steve interns is the son of my manager at OVP when I was 15.

  • 12) La Luna Dance Studio

    La Luna Dance Studio brought a whole new life to my world. Salsa dancing was a focus in my life for many years. My love of salsa dancing developed at La Luna. I learned to salsa dance, performed many times, danced on the semi-pro team at that dance studio and created live long friendships.  Although I don’t dance as much as I used to, La Luna will always hold a very special place in my heart.

    Kathy and friends in dance costumes

  • 13) Driftwood Adventures

    Kayaking in the Neshaminy Creek has become an annual outing for us. My friend, that I’ve known since 3rd grade, owns Driftwood Adventures. So our group of High School friends meet in Tyler State Park once a summer for kayaking and paddle boarding.

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    kayaking on river

  • 14) Peddlers Village

    Peddlers Village is beautiful all year long. There are amazing events for every season and holiday.  Of the many celebrations my favorite is Fire & Ice which usually takes place in January after the holidays.

    Kathy next to bottle and wine glass ice sculpture

  • 15) Shadybrook Farm

    Shadybrook Farm is my all time favorite farm for Fall and Holiday activities. We visit multiple times of year.  Their fall festival is great and I can’t pass up the holiday drive thru light show.

  • 16) Refresh Newtown

    As we age sometimes we need a little refreshing to our skin! I tried a few skin rejuvenation lasers. But the reason they’re on this list is because they successfully removed all the unwanted hair on my body.  I’m a huge baby and don’t do anything that causes too much pain. I tried laser hair removal in the past and bailed shortly into the treatments. At refresh they use a machine that causes little to no pain and still removes the hair. It’s amazing and I’m a happy person not having to buy razors anymore.

    Kathy getting receiving a facial procedure

  • 17) Wineries

    The Bucks County wineries and vineyards are excellent. I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all.  But I can pick my favorite event. We had a girls night at the tarot card reading event at Crossing Vineyards. I picked the money card and the reader told me I’d be coming into some money soon.  I’m still waiting!

    Kathy and friends at a winery


  • 18) Ringing Rocks

    It’s such a cool place (if you don’t think about the amount of snakes that must live in the rocks). I recently took my son there. We brought our hammers, rang the rocks, hiked to the little waterfall and enjoyed a beautiful day in Upper Black Eddy.

  • 19) Salt Cave in Doylestown

    I was introduced to the benefits of halotherapy by Nina at the Salt Cave in Doylestown. I suffer from major sinus issues and this salt room has helped me feel so much better on a number of occasions. The vibe of the cave is so relaxing and enjoyable.  It’s 45 minutes in salt heaven.

  • 20) Borscht Belt

    Brand new to Bucks County but I’ve been eating Chef Nicky’s food since we were kids. Nick Liberato has been a great friend of mine since we were teenagers. I’m so excited he’s bringing his talent back to Bucks County! Enjoy!

    Side by side photo of Kathy and friend in high school and now

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