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A few years ago, Preston built himself the ultimate drum kit with the ultimate video set up around it. His initial plan was to master the drum parts of his favorite songs and make a video. Then he had another idea…

Preston began making videos for everyone’s birthday. Casey received a Phish surprise, Nick’s of course was Pearl Jam… or was it?… and Marisa got a Foo Fighters song. 

But today is Kathy’s birthday dammit, so we’re going to talk about her.

The queen of hairbrush singing deserved something extra special. Preston created the perfect Kathy Romano themed video that celebrates everything we love about her.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Salsa dancing

    Preston - kathy's birthday video (1)

    The video starts with a zesty Latin beat. Then about one minute in, the gems begin. In walks Presto and his plunging neckline lighting up the screen.

  • Hairbrush singing

    Preston - kathy's birthday video (2)

    We know that Heaven is a Place on Earth. So is Target.

  • ...and more

    Preston - kathy's birthday video (5)

    If you know Kathy Romano, then you know Floral & Hardy. It’s a garden center and gift shop in Skippack known for its… wait for it… activities.

  • Be my little baby

    Preston - kathy's birthday video (3)

    Hey, it’s me. What are you doing this weekennnnnn…… JUST LIKE RONNIE SANG! Kathy has been swapping “Take Me Home” lyrics with her friend for years. Preston jumped in on the joke.

  • The Meat Behind the Beat

    Preston - kathy's birthday video (4)

    The last shout out is for Preston. Not only did he drum along to all these songs, he shot it all in house and on location and edited it together. Anything for Kathy! 

    We’ll be honest, these aren’t all of the best moments. There are a few surprises that are too good to ruin. Watch the video and you’ll know why.

  • Happy birthday Kathy!

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