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How annoying is it when you wake up hours before the alarm is set to go off, and you can’t fall back asleep? The experts weighed in with this list of tips for falling back asleep. The trick is to do a very mundane task that doesn’t wake up your brain any more that it already is:

  • Knitting

    Keep your latest project at an arm’s reach away and work under dim lighting. Reading is another option, as long as you are not prone to getting caught up in the story.

  • Yoga

    We can’t imagine how getting up and doing yoga would work, but also, we’re not experts.

  • 4-7-8 breathing exercise

    Preston and Kathy frequently use the 4-7-8 breathing exercise. Both say that it seems useless, but it works. Here’s how to do it: breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds and breathe out for 8 seconds. Repeat. 

  • Take care of business.

    This one was not part of the study, but some.. ummmm… people we know… confirm that it works.

  • Get out of bed

    Try moving to a different, comfy spot. The anxiety you are experiencing may be a result of the pressure you are feeling to be asleep because you are in bed.

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