Preston & Steve’s Camp Out For Hunger

Frunk (n)  The trunk of a mid/rear engine motor vehicle where the engine resides in the back, and as a result, the trunk is in the front.
On a rainy December night the local members of the Porsche Club of America met in the parking lot of Capital Grille in King of Prussia. This gathering was not for a posh dinner, it was to launch a caravan of 182 vehicles delivering donations to the Camp Out for Hunger.
It made for a pretty impressive sight:

The February Issue of Panorama: The Official Magazine of the Porsche Club of America published a beautifully written article about the Riesentöter’s adventure to South Philadelphia.

After 30 minutes, Xfinity Live loomed- an island of bright neon surrounded by acres of empty parking lots. Porsches encircled the enormous municipal block as the head of the snake wound round and round, very gradually disappearing into the Xfinity Live dragon’s mouth.

Volunteers began unloading three miles’ worth of philled frunks. Rain squalls whipped through, torrents slanting sideways under the unloading canopies. Countless storage boxes were assembled, and a front-loader scooped full cartons over the scales to be weighed. It took well over an hour to unload everything. Finally, only a handful of cars waited in the rain. The last vehicle was an utterly delicious 1971 VW Westfalia bus! It Greyhounded off into the night, and all was silence…


We also discover the that group had multiple sources of inspiration this year. First, an obvious, to top their 2014 donation of 7,460 pounds. The second was a challenge they actually established with a phone call that aired on WMMR: Top Jaxon’s Jeep Club.

The competitive ingredient had been added to the recipe by another WMMR radio worthy, the afternoon drive-time DJ known as Jaxon.

Every crowd has a Jaxon, but this particular Jaxon, for several days before Phil-a-Frunk 2015, had made broad mention of its existence- which seemed nice, at first. But there was more. It seems that Jaxon drives a Jeep. And he belongs to a Philly Jeep club. In less time than it takes to toss loaded dice, he was publicly challenging all the local Jeep clubs to outdo Riesentoter’s Phil-a-Frunk GDW.

Both goals were met. Jaxon’s Jeep club brought 11,667lbs (which did beat the PCA’s inaugural collection) but was topped by the group’s grand total of 17,670lbs.  That’s over 20,000 meals.

Thank YOU for organizing PhilAFrunk and contributing to the 1.1 million pounds of food donated to Philabundace. (Camp Out for Hunger 2015 Recap)

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