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Have You Seen Preston & Steve’s Very 1st Daily Rush? It Turns 10 Today!

There was a time when you could only listen to The Preston & Steve Show. Of course there were multiple ways to hear the show, like tuning in to 93.3 WMMR or streaming on wmmr.com. Also, since at least 2005, the entire show was available for free as a podcast on iTunes... but your iPod could only hold about 3 episodes at a time. Then came a new fancy Preston & Steve Studio outfitted with cameras, and suddenly we could deliver video of the broadcast too. With the new equipment, came a new position: Video Producer. That's when Nick Murphy joined the show and completely changed the game. The content production began with sharing major highlights: big interviews, musical performances, crazy stunts. Then it the clips began to feature simple moments that made us all laugh out loud. That's how The Daily Rush was born. The Daily Rush is a video series of our favorite moments from each show in a bit size package. For the past 10 years, we've teamed up with our friends at Xfinity to deliver this clips to the WMMR audience. Because we're all suckers for nostalgia, we dug deep to find the very first video. Here it is:

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