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Just in time for Halloween, we present the list of Steve Morrison’s most favoritest horror movies.

But because you know the way Steve operates, one list is not enough! Read through to find Steve’s all time “best of” collection, then there’s a list of his guilty pleasure favorites, and a third list of horribly fantastic horror.

There’s something to satisfy everyone’s spooky season fanaticism.

  • Best Of Collection:

    20. Suspiria – 1977
    19. Quatermass And The Pitt – 1967
    18. Candyman – 1992
    17. The Thing – 1982
    16. Hellraiser – 1987
    15. Salem’s Lot – 1979
    14. The Changeling – 1980
    13. Black Sabbath – 1963
    12. Phantasm – 1979
    11. A Nightmare On Elm Street – 1984
    10. The Evil Dead – 1982
    9. The Omen – 1976
    8. The Innocents – 1961
    7. The Shining – 1980
    6. Rosemary’s Baby – 1968
    5. The Haunting – 1963
    4. Halloween – 1978
    3. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers – 1956
    2. The Night Of The Living Dead – 1986
    1. The Exorcist – 1973

  • Horribly Fantastic Horror

    12. “Burnt Offerings”

    11. “Dracula”

    10. “Magic”

    9. “Smile”

    8. “The Last Man On Earth”

    7. “The Legend Of Hell House”

    6. “Session 9”

    5. “The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”

    4. “Malignant”

    3. “Dead Silence”

    2. “The Night Stalker”

    1. “The Possession”

    Watch Steve’s in depth video breaking down this list. 

  • Guilty Pleasure Favorites:

    1. Train to Busan

    It’s easy to get zombied out these days, and that’s why “Train to Busan” is so amazing. It’s not just the train, but getting to the train plus all sorts of cool things like a zombie deer that makes it one you must see.

    1. Sinister

    Ethan Hawke is a once best-selling true-crime author who is battling a decade long dry spell as well as the bottle. In an effort to re-energize his career, he moves his family into a home where the previous residents were murdered under very bizarre circumstances with hopes of solving the crime.

    1. Annabelle Comes Home

    The doll Annabelle first appeared as a backstory in the horror masterpiece “The Conjuring,” followed by two less than stellar stand-alone films.

    Surprisingly, the fourth movie, “Annabelle Comes Home,” does a lot right and very little wrong, making it a really solid horror effort that also manages to introduce a slew of potential new franchises.

    1. It Follows

    “It Follows” has such a simple plot that describing it can only fail to convey how brilliant it is. So here goes – an evil entity that can look like anyone from someone you know to a complete stranger is always walking towards you with one goal – to kill the shit out of you. There is a way to save yourself, but doing so might make you more of a monster than the one you are avoiding.  I love this movie!

    1. Terrified

    Work with the freaking subtitles and enjoy this incredibly inventive Argentinian haunted house/ haunted neighborhood movie. In Buenos Aires, a woman tells her husband she has been hearing voices from the kitchen sink that seem to be threatening to kill her. Her husband is understandably ready to size her up for a straitjacket until that night when a thumping sound awakes him.

    I don’t want to say anymore because I don’t want to deprive you.

    1. Let The Right One In

    There’s a reason Stephen King and many other celebrated horror authors have celebrated “Let The Right One In” as one of the greatest vampire movies ever made…because it is.

    “Let The Right One In” takes vampire legend and lore and reveals pain and loneliness levels only hinted at in other movies.  It’s different – it has subtitles – and it will stick with you long after you have watched it.

    1. The Void

    “The Void” is a certain type of horror movie for a certain kind of fan. Think John Carpenter’s “The Thing” meets H.P. Lovecraft with an extra helping of WTF?!!! Long story short; a cult of cloaked figures trap a police officer and staff inside a hospital where bizarre things begin manifesting.

    Great? No. Good? Absolutely!

    1. Event Horizon 

    This is horror, and this is science fiction, but it is way more horror! The space ship Event Horizon was sent to test a new method of achieving light speed seven years ago and then suddenly vanished.

    Well, now it’s back dead in space orbiting Neptune. What will the crew of the Lewis and Clark discover on their rescue mission to her? You would be right if you guessed nothing good.

    1. Trick ‘R Treat

    “Trick ‘R Treat” is the “A Christmas Story” of Halloween movies! “Trick ‘R Treat” understands the passion we similarly minded fanatics have for this time of year and it runs with it. Sick, twisted, atmospheric, moody, and a legend-in-the-making character named Sam makes this a must-see.

    1. The Descent

    This one has been around for fifteen years at this point, and it is the film people most ask me to remind them of the title when I talk about it on air.

    “The Descent” could work entirely as the story of an all-female group of spelunkers who get trapped in an insanely claustrophobic cave system fighting for survival. However, with all great horror movies, when it rains, it pours…and it DOES pour a lot!

    Take the classic “quaint town full of rustic folk isn’t all that it seems” scenario and give it a slow build to the point of cruel and unusual punishment and that is “Midsommar.”

    Either you will love it because of its’ inherent weirdness, or you will hate it because of its’ inherent weirdness, but regardless, you won’t soon forget it.

    Dive deeper into the list.

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