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It’s January. Reflecting time is over. Now it’s time to do the things that December-you committed to doing. If one of those commitments was participating in No Spend January, then you have ended up in the perfect spot.

Two members of the The Preston & Steve Show are experts, and they both want to help you. Casey and his family prepare ahead of time for the spend-free month. Kathy was so good at it last year, that she continued straight through to April.

If your not at that level, don’t worry! Kathy and Casey put together a list of tips to help you achieve a successful month of saving.

  • Just say no!

    Kids asking to go to Wawa after practice? Just say no! [Casey Boy]

  • Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you should buy it.

    Advice you should consider all year long. [Kathy Romano]

  • Say no to everything EXCEPT the essentials.

    What are the essentials?   [CB]

    • Gas
    • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Can’t eat out, though. Go to Acme and Meal Prep for the week)
    • Bills
    • Toiletries/Household necessities
  • You don't need it!!!

    Your kids and significant other also don’t need it.  Put it down and walk away. No spending means no spending on anyone!  [KR]

  • You have one already.

    That color is pretty but you’ll never think about it again after you leave the store/website.  [KR]

  • Take advantage of loopholes.

    • Use Gift Cards
    • Let a friend pay for your meal.
    • Theft (I do not recommend stealing)  [CB]
  • It will likely be available after January

    …and you will likely not even want it after January.  [KR]

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