Coulrophobia: (n): An abnormal fear of clowns

All the promotion happening for the movie IT is torturous for people who suffer from this condition, that’s why we stepped in to cure these wonderful people! We invited listeners in to the studio to be hypnotized by Dr. Steven Rosenberg… The Thor of Hypnosis

While the good doctor talked to his new patients in a dark conference room, we added some festive decor for their return.

Lauren Racobaldo from The Cotton Candy Confectionery provided the carnival tastes & smells with Bourbon Cotton Candy.

And the grand finale…  The Circus Rejects: Cheeks, Grin & Karnage

(see them at Blood Shed Farms this fall)

With the clowns hidden in a studio down the hall, the listeners re-entered the studio full of their worst fear: Pennywise red balloons and circus tents. There were some deep breaths and attempts to stay calm. Then the clowns walked in. Instant tears.

The group was given a safe word to use if the fear was unbearable.  No one put it to the test, but the level of comfortability dropped dramatically with each passing moment.

In a surprising twist of events, Kat who believed her fear began with a ventriloquist dummy, stepped up when we asked if anyone wanted to face their fear and hug the clowns. 

The courage spread! Victoria, who has swore off clowns since seeing the original IT mini series, dried her eyes and embraced the Circus Rejects.

Mel also begrudgingly cuddled with the clowns while the final subject, Frank, sternly declined. So did it work?  Maybe! In the end everyone had fun and even stuck around for the rest of the morning to watch the show – proof they they didn’t completely hate us for the surprise.

Keep your eyes out for the Daily Rush of the surprise, listen back to the whole segment on today’s podcast and face your fears and – if you can make it through this short video below –  go see IT this weekend [sound on]