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“It’s So Important To Laugh,” Life Altering Advice From John Cleese

On Wednesday September 27th, The Preston & Steve Show embarked on an international journey welcoming the iconic John Cleese to the show, connecting all the way from London.  Preston and Steve playfully extended their condolences to John, alluding to his "passing." However, Cleese promptly stated that he resurrected on the third day, a trick he learned from his Christian aunt.  John Cleese is coming to Philadelphia next month. His headlining show, "An Evening with the Late John Cleese." hits the Kimmel Cultural Campus on October 25th. Now, you might wonder why death seems to be a recurring theme in his conversations. Cleese's interest with the subject of death we found out is traced back to Gray's Elegy poem, which begs the question of that we chase money and importance throughout our entire lives, but what do you do when you die? This concept carries great weight with John, which helps him keep a light and humoristic perspective on death. If you couldn’t tell by the name of his tour.    Cleese reminisced about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and how the film is still enjoyed generations after its initial debut in 1975. Cleese emphasized how it touched him that people are still laughing and enjoying the film, as laughter is one of the most important things to him. He discusses how laughter moves people to a less anxious, better version of themselves.   It's so important to laugh. I think it moves us to a better part of ourselves. I think it moves us to a better part of ourselves when we laugh. Speaking of laughter, there was plenty of it all throughout the interview, which you can watch below. - Lauren Beachy, The Preston & Steve Show Staff [select-listicle listicle_id="941812" syndication_name="what-every-the-office-characters-spin-off-would-look-like" description="no"]

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