Twenty-six years ago today (September 29), Alice In Chains released their landmark sophomore album Dirt.

Considering it still sounds fresh today, it’s amazing that this album has now passed the quarter-century mark. From storytelling epics like “Rooster” to aggressive statement tracks like “Them Bones,” Dirt exemplifies the iconic Seattle scene that gave us so much in the 1990s.

In honor of its 26th anniversary today, we’ve broken down the album “by the numbers.”

  • Age/Date Released: 26 (September 29, 1992)
  • Number of Producers: 2 (Dave Jerden and Alice In Chains. Jerden also produced AIC’s debut LP Facelift and their EP Sap. He also has producing credits on Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual.)
  • Number of Tracks: 13
  1. “Them Bones”
  2. “Dam That River”
  3. “Rain When I Die”
  4. “Sickman”
  5. “Rooster”
  6. “Junkhead”
  7. “Dirt”
  8. “God Smack”
  9. “Untitled”
  10. “Hate To Feel”
  11. “Angry Chair”
  12. “Down in a Hole”
  13. “Would?”
  • Number Of Singles/Music Videos: 5
    • “Would?”
    • “Them Bones”
    • “Angry Chair”
    • “Rooster”
    • “Down In A Hole”


  • Highest Billboard 200 Album Chart Position: 6
  • Weeks on the Billboard 200 Album Chart: 102
  • Highest Billboard Singles Chart Positions:
    • “Would?”
    • “Them Bones”
    • “Angry Chair”
      • Mainstream Rock: 34
      • Modern/Alternative: 27
    • “Rooster”
      • Mainstream Rock: 7
    • “Down In A Hole”
      • Mainstream Rock: 10


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