There has been buzz around a mega tour involving Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Poison in 2020, but more and more signs are pointing to the tour actually happening.

Rolling Stone reports that their sources confirm the three bands will embark on a stadium tour in the United States next year.

Of course, this means the Crue will be reneging on their highly-publicized “cessation of touring agreement” the band signed before their “Final Tour” that stated they wouldn’t tour after the end of 2015. Nikki Sixx, however, did tell Rolling Stone 2014, “The only loophole is if all four band members agreed to do it, we could override our own contract. But we know that will never happen. There are people in this band who will refuse to ever do it again, and you’re talking to one of them. There is no amount of money that would ever make me do it again because I have such pride in how we’re ending it.”

Well, I guess the phrase “Never say never” certainly applies here. So far, no dates and venues have been announced.

These new, legitimate reports follow this weekend’s “interesting” social media activity from Motley Crue in which the band’s Facebook and Twitter account shared a petition titled “BRING MÖTLEY CRÜE BACK!” The shared petition was accompanied by the caption, “This is interesting…”


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