Weezer just dropped a new track and with it a new video, which serves as a touching tribute to those working during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hero” is the second track from Weezer’s forthcoming album Van Weezer. In the video’s YouTube description, the band says, “As you know, Corona has put a crimp in many well-laid plans. ‘Van Weezer’ has been no exception. And because we don’t want to give another release date until we’re absolutely sure of it, we’ll just say ‘stay tuned for more info.'”

The video itself shows people passing a note between each other while in quarantine. At the end of the video, the note’s contents are revealed and read as follows:

“Whether you run emergency supplies on electric golf carts or translate English for someone who doesn’t speak it, we thank you.

Whether you man computers or pick up phones, answer questions and concerns or route people here and there, we thank you.

Whether you donate pillows and blankets or give money, we thank you.

To those lacking proper face masks, risking their health for the greater good, we thank you.

While the rest of us retreated to our homes, you ran towards the threat in a battle you didn’t even know you signed up for. Your bravery and selflessness are awe-inspiring. You are the reason we shall rock another day. 

Life is good and for all of this, we thank you.”

“Hero” is available for streaming and download here.

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