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WMMR and Live Nation are excited to announce Philly’s own drive-in concert series: LIVE-IN / DRIVE-IN.

When: August 16th through September 6th

Where: Citizens Bank Park Parking Lot

What: Rock bands and comedians performing live on stage, in the parking lot at Citizens Bank Park, allowing you to enjoy live concerts while maintaining social distancing from the comfort of your own vehicle.

SCHEDULE (more at

How: Tickets on sale NOW via

Each car will purchase one ticket, good for a maximum of 4 people per car.

Of course you have questions, here are a few FAQs (full list here)

What does it mean to purchase a ticket and what will that look like? Your ticket will allow for your vehicle location to include socially distanced space around your vehicle. Each space will be approximately 17 ft wide x 17 ft deep. Your space will be divided into 2 areas: one will be utilized as a parking space for your vehicle and the second as a socially distanced space between your party and the next that the staff on site will identify upon your arrival. The socially distanced space will be yours for the duration of the event to utilize when entering and exiting your vehicle if you need to use a restroom. In compliance with the most current health and safety standards per local jurisdictions and state regulations, guests are NOT permitted to use their additional parking space to congregate or view the concert.

Can I bring my own food and beverage? Yes! While grills, BBQ pits, open fires, tents and the like are not permitted, you are welcome to bring your own pre-cooked food and beverages and keep them inside your vehicle at all times. Please note outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. As always, underage drinking will not be tolerated, and we insist that you drink responsibly. Designated drivers are always encouraged.

Will food and beverage be provided on-site? Yes. There will be a menu of food items and beverages available. Please check back and look out for pre-show communication via emails and social for more information on concession offerings.

Can I bring a large vehicle?: We are sorry. Buses, large trucks (anything larger than 4 wheels), recreational vehicles, limousines and other oversized vehicles are not permitted.

Will restrooms be provided? Yes, portable, single-stall restrooms will be available for your use, but keep reading, this one is important. When travelling to and from restroom facilities, guests are required to wear a mask as well as maintain social distancing. Your safety is our priority and for that reason, restrooms facilities will be sanitized in accordance with the most current local guidelines.

Are spaces reserved or general admission? Spaces are general admission within each price level (also known as your color zone). Please keep your ticket out and ready to show to our staff at multiple checkpoints until your vehicle is parked. You may not reserve a space for yourself or anyone else next to you.

Visit in for an extensive rundown of Do’s & Don’ts and FAQs.