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Gamers across the world tend to have a poor reputation when it comes to romance. Kippo, a dating/social app dedicated to gamers is trying to fix that. The image of social lepers downing gallons of Red Bull hunched over their keyboards deep into the night is slowly changing. As esports grow, the equivalent of gaming jocks is emerging. Twitch and YouTube continue to expose millions to game franchises they would have never picked up before. And according to ESA, there are over 164 Million gamers in the US alone.

David Park Founder of Kippo: The Social App For Gamers - Dating Made Easy For Gamers

Norris talks to David Park the Founder of Kippo, a dating/social app for gamers. Gamers across the world tend to have a poor reputation when it comes to roma...

But too many of those players are alone! We talked to the app’s founder, David Park, about how the positive feedback he’s receiving:

“We asked [users] what about Kippo is appealing to you? And the biggest thing we heard is, you don’t have the pressure to meet up with a stranger 30 minutes after you match up with them.”

David Park – Founder/CEO of Kippo

One way Kippo is also setting itself apart from other apps is a unique “card” system. You can learn a lot more about a potential paramour beyond the “adventures”and “long walks on the beach” dating standard. In the cards, you can list your top ten games, your Myers-Briggs Personality profile, and a multitude of other interests that can get you the most like-minded matches.

Kippo currently is only available on iOS, but Park says an Android version is “coming soon.”


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