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What’s up Rockers.. and Rollers! Brent Porche here..
As you are probably well aware, we are smack dab in the THICK of the summer concert season here at WMMR! Soooo many shows, which is a GREAT problem to have! I wish I could multiply myself about a half dozen times so that I could be everywhere at the same time. …errr, uh, maybe not – haha!
Roger Waters
This past weekend we were fortunate to have not one, but TWO Roger Waters shows at the ‘Big Joint’ (Wells Fargo Center) part of his ‘This Is Not A Drill’ tour. We had Brandon and the boys of Incubus over in Camden at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, joined by SoCal legends Sublime with Rome and the all-female, Go-Go’s esq Aquadolls kicking off the Friday night festivities. We also can’t forget the 3-day rager that was the Adult Swim Festival over in Fishtown at The Fillmore, Brooklyn Bowl Philly and Punchline Philly.
Incubus Incubus
I made it out to Incubus on Friday night.. one of my all-time favorite live bands! They bring such a great mix of the mellow & melodic crossed with the hard & heavy. It was a hits packed set with all of your favorites that you hear on WMMR, like Nice To Know You, Stellar, Drive & Pardon Me. They also gave us an amazing cover of Lenny Kravitz’s ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over’!
The Aquadolls were a fun start to the night with their poppy, punky, Go-Go’s vibe… they even did a spot-on cover of the Go-Go’s 1982 hit ‘Vacation’ mid-set!
Sublime with Rome
Sublime with Rome physically transported me back to the mid-nineties with their set… Garden Grove, April 29, 1992, Doin’ Time, Badfish just to name a few! ALWAYS a fun band to see live, and Rome Ramirez is impressively talented in his own right while also doing a fantastic job of channeling late, great Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell! It was a perfect summer night show over in beautiful, tropical, downtown Camden, NJ!
Roger Waters
A lot of peeps were out on Friday night to see the SOLD OUT Roger Waters show at the Big Joint, thankfully we were fortunate enough to get twoThis Is Not A Drill’ shows here in Philadelphia!

Roger Waters
Saturday night my parents came with me to see Mr. Waters in the flesh! (Bad pun intended, sorry) The stage was in the round, the screens were massive & the sound was booming all around us. A spectacular spectacle would be an understatement.. just look at some of these pics!
Roger Waters
When it comes to live shows, the stage performance & theatrics are just as important to me as the music itself.. flying pigs and sheep included haha!
Roger Waters Roger Waters
The summer concert season is scorching hot here at WMMR right now… and getting hotter as we speak! Make sure you check out our complete concert calendar for more on all the great events coming to Philly, Camden and the tristate area!
On to the next one! See you there! -bp


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