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What exactly was going through this boy’s mind when he swallowed a tiny squeaky toy, we do not know.

The results could have been exactly what he was hoping for… but his mom and the hospital staff were not amused.

Good news: he’s okay & the video is priceless:

Santiago Gomez Zuviria of Argentina shared the video of an eight year old child who lets out a loud (and hilarious) honk with every exhale.

He also posted this photo of the toy after it was surgically removed from the boy’s esophagus:

Santiago Gomez Zuviría

Santiago Gomez Zuviría added a new photo.

The Foghorn Leghorn-type moment was intended to be shared as a warning for parents to keep an eye on their kids. Mr. Zuviria did not expect 9million viewers finding humor in this little boy’s misfortune.

He posted a followup comment asking to “make this online community a healthy and respectful place for all.” [source]


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