UPDATE: Help Kate, who ran out of gas and is helping to change the life of a homeless man

Paying it Forward! They've passed the $380,000 mark!!!


This info is from Kate's GoFundMe.com page:
"Driving into Philly one night, I made the mistake of thinking that I would be able to make it all the way down I- 95 with my gas light on. Needless to say, I was wrong. I never ran out of gas before, and my heart was beating out of my chest. I pulled over as far as I could, and got out of the car to head to the nearest gas station."

She continues her story, "That’s when I met Johnny. Johnny sits on the side of the road every day, holding a sign. He saw me pull over and knew something was wrong. He told me to get back in the car and lock the doors. A few minutes later, he comes back with a red gas can. Using his last 20 dollars to make sure I could get home safe."

The story has become so popular that Kate is being interviewed by news outlets like the BBC and Good Morning America!

Good Morning America on Twitter

A homeless vet says he's been given a second chance in life after he received over $360,000 for helping a stranded woman buy gas. "It's like winning the lottery." https://t.co/CyT5J8JRMV https://t.co/SzQNTsqeWO

Good Morning America on Twitter

Homeless man uses his only $20 to buy stranded motorist gas; motorist pays it forward and helps raise over $100k: https://t.co/UEZXW9BCyY https://t.co/GTO8fqKkjH

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Kate McClure on Twitter

Johnny holding the article in the paper today about him and the people willing to help!! https://t.co/jLSNrNuYcy