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Q&A with the first new P&S Calendar Girl of 2018:

My New Year’s resolution… Drink more water! Somehow it’s a challenge for me

The last show I binged watched was… Black Mirror

I feel most comfortable in… Oversized T-Shirts and my fuzzy socks

My favorite pizza topping is…. I’d rather have pasta

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Three fictional characters that best describe me are… Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White

The way to my heart is… Just be a genuine person, but giving me half of your food helps

The emojis I use the most are…

Most people don’t know that I…  am an artist. I’m best at drawing portraits

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The last thing/person to make me laugh was… My pup Blue always has me laughing

I feel sexiest in… Heels

I’m obsessed with… 90’s music and every dog ever