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Since 2006, Keenan’s in North Wildwood has been home to our Memorial Day Weekend broadcast officially opening the Jersey Shore.

The first year we visited Keenan’s, it was a quaint Irish Pub on the corner on New Jersey & Chestnut Ave, but over the years it’s come to take over the entire block! Just like Keenan’s, our show has grown out and upwards and inward… but only one of us has added a sushi bar.

Most frequently asked question: Who is Peg? She is the matriarch of the Keenan family, a wonderful woman who set the standard for having a good time!

Friday morning the doors open at 6:30am and the Coors Lights start flowing at 7am. That’s when it gets crazy! Here are a few of our favorite moments from over the years:

Many times we come up with the name of the contest before figuring out exactly what is it. This was one of those times:

This one too:

And last year… MONEY SHOT!

Our all time favorite stunt, Crowd Surfing, evolved over the years. We started by wrapping contestant in bubble wrap….

     …the next year we a added surfboard

     …then substituted the extra padding for a horse mask. 

…by year four it was 100% pure adrenaline!

Preston revived the an old ‘MMR tradition: The Baptism of Beer

Birds eye view:

Baptism of beer at the official opening of the Jersey shore #baptismofbeer #jerseyshore #keenans #prestonandsteve #wmmr @pwmmr @prestonandsteveshow

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In 2011, New Kids on the Block were performing in AC, so Danny Wood & Jordan Knight made the trip down the Parkway . When our dance contest began to go south, a brave guy named Jack stepped in and saved the day (he swears he learned the moves from his sister)

There was the year we learned about Twerking.

How do you make a dunk tank more fun? Fill it with horse manure. Poor Intern Tom had no idea what he was getting into. (this stunt was retired immediately) 

WARNING: When we ask volunteers to change into adult diapers, something crazy is going down their pants… like live lobsters or eels:

And finally, The Man-kini

mankini 2

mankini 1

What’s planned this year? You’ll have to come out to see!

Keenan’s Irish Pub in North Wildwood – May 25th