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Remember our friend Katie Sunshine? She’s the expert hula hooper who lives in Kansas and won our hearts with her amazing videos. We even flew her out to do a couple events with us in 2012 (see: MMR’s Day Off Down the Shore)

So how the heck did she end up in The Record Company‘s music video?

It was actually pretty simple story: First she tagged band in this Instagram post dancing to their song, “Rita Mae Young.” Then, via her Facebook page, “a few days later, they contacted me about being in the REAL music video! Talk about a dream come true.”

In an unexpected chain of events, our friend Jon over at Sequoia Outback tracked her down after seeing the video and invited her to his annual Contractors Bash… which coincidentally we host!

It’s funny how people come in and out of your life, especially sweet people like Katie. Great to see you again!

Flashback: Katie Sunshine Hula Hooping her was through the Preston & Steve Show Office