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Annnnnnd it begins… (honestly it never really stopped)… five years since the original grudge match, the hostility between Delaware County Resident, Casey Boy and Bucks County Native, Kathy Romano has grown exponentially.

That means it is time to bring back everyone’s favorite, week-long on air competition: Bucks Co vs. Delco.

Just like the first go around in 2013, we will quiz Kathy and Casey on facts and geography about their respective county to see who is the supreme representative.

Flashback: Winning Round of Delco vs. BucksCo 2013

Mark your calendars now to cheer on your favorite competitor June 25 – 29th.

Each day that week we will give Kathy and Casey Boy various challenges and ultimately let them battle it out between each other.

Flashback: The Too Stupid To Name Game at Camp Out for Hunger 2017


Do the two counties really hate each other? Nahh, it’s a school yard-type spat between the show members.

Why have I never heard anyone use the nickname Bucks Co before? We made it up to mock the Delco nickname.

What about Montgomery, Chester and the other counties? This grudge match is just between Kathy/BucksCo and Casey Boy/Delco. Everyone is welcome to pick favorites and cheer on their favorite side, but for now the competition is just between those two.

Be honest, do Kathy and CaseyBoy really hate each other? You decide. June 25 – 29 on MMR.