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In February the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

By March Beau Allen signed with Tampa Bay.

Then, mid-July, Chris Long finally stated what we all were thinking:

We’re now days away from a bittersweet evening as the banner will be raised but without our Honey Beau Beau on the sidelines tearing up like the rest of us (a guy who likes his own Tweets wouldn’t hold back tears at a moment like that).

But there is an option to keep Beau’s spirit alive in Philadelphia and watching over us as we march down Broad St to Lincoln Financial Field. Through the power of social media a mural artist and a South Philly homeowner have both offered their assistance to making Long’s dream come true.

As of now the Kickstarter has twenty five backers and up to a whopping $651! …that may sound impressive but the group needs $21,000 to make the project happen. You must visit this campaign, the video alone is worth it:


**While you’re feeling generous, take a moment to learn about Chris Long’s Waterboys Campaign before Delco Water Week comes to an end**


We miss you Beau! Good luck this season in Tampa and please go easy on the boys when we see you next week.