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The best holiday scent is… It would have to be vanilla! 

What did you ask Santa for Christmas this year? I didn’t ask Santa for a lot because I usually buy everything myself and didn’t leave anything for him to get me, whoops! 

Let’s play Adopt/Gift/Kill with Santa’s reindeer… who would you choose to A, G and K? I would adopt Rudolph, gift Cupid, but I wouldn’t want to kill any! 

All-time favorite Christmas movie? My favorite Christmas movie growing up was A Year Without a Santa Claus!

Best kind of Christmas cookie? Peanut butter blossoms! 

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Christmas Tree: Real or Artificial? I like my Christmas tree artificial just because its easier, less mess, you don’t have to water it, and you don’t have to worry about that bugs that come along with a real tree! 

Do you top your tree with a star or an angel? Usually a star 

Favorite Christmas Food? Lasagna 

Gift Wrap or Gift Bags? Gift wrap always!

Favorite Christmas song? “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber

Hot chocolate or egg nog? Hot chocolate! 

Christmas lights: White or Colored? I love white Christmas lights 

Do you have any quirky Christmas traditions? On Christmas morning my family wears matching pajamas – a gift we open on Christmas Eve – then we spend all day watching A Christmas Story

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