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Get ready for some Da Vinci Code-like investigating behind the scenes at WMMR….

Yesterday, Incubus lead singer, Brandon Boyd, sent a package to the Music Department. Inside there was no note, no instructions, [no new music like we hoped for] just a small box labeled Two Doors/Deus Portes: An Optimystic Memory Game.

Inside was a game that’s exactly what was described: 72 tiles with beautiful graphics and multi-syllable words (we had to look up the definitions of a bunch of them) meant to be laid out face down and flipped over in a basic game of memory.

MMR’s Music Director, Sara, was the first lucky staff member to take a crack at the game. She studied the cards up and down, tried to put the words in some sort of order… but nothing made sense. Maybe this was just a cool game from one of our favorite artists.


THEN IT HIT HER! Could Two Doors/Dues Portes be the name of Brandon’s new album? Could this be a really, really good tease?? All signs point to YES —- >

Way to go, Sara!