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In case you missed it, Steve Morrison had a minor procedure last week to correct his achalasia. Good news: he’s absolutely fine! Back to work today, voice not effected. Bad news? during his recovery, Steve started a baffling new obsession with BTS.

Excuse me, but who? BTS aka Bangtan Boys is a seven-member K-pop/Korean pop boy band that formed in 2013. They sell out stadiums all over the world including The Rose Bowl, Solider Field and Wembley Stadium. Most of us had never heard of them.

The exact moment Steve fell in love: Sunday, April 14, 12:15am 


Now you see why we’re weirded out? Was it the post-surgery food deprivation? The lingering depression over losing his favorite Batman actor? Why won’t our resident funny man stop talking about these perfectly choreographed and stylishly dressed twenty-somethings? We discussed the fascination on the air today:


To our surprise, Steve is not alone! As you heard in the segment the Saturday Night Live performance brought in fans of every age. Shout out to our resident, top ranking BTS Army Member & Zeta Eta Pi Sister Mel for dropping all this knowledge we didn’t know we needed to know: