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Are you as captivated with James Holzhauer‘s Jeopardy streak as we are?

Tonight’s episode will mark his 15th appearance on the show continuously breaking records everyday. For instance: James’ $131,127 single day win shattered the previous one-day record, which was $77,000. Last night he eclipsed the $1 million winnings mark faster than any other contestant in the Jeopardy history. By the way, he’s only the second person to ever hit a million in a single season. [source]

This guy is showing no signs of slowing down which means he’s on track to beat the 2nd longest winning streak at 20 consecutive games and work his way to beating Ken Jennings’ record of 74. The difference: James is much a lot more entertaining, he goes for the big money questions and isn’t afraid to gamble his winnings.

If you didn’t know, James is not new to the world of game shows. Flashback to this 2014 episode of “The Chase”, in the first two minutes of the show he collects more money than any other contestant before him. Who is this dude?

James Holzhauer vs The Beast

2014 Jame Holzhauer vs The Chase's the Beast