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It started with this photo going around the internet of a Baltimore girl’s odd habit: 

Who takes the time to peel off all the breading? Apparently more people then we imagined! Calls begin flooding in and we started to learn other odd eating habits of our listeners. Take a listen:


Our favorite by far: I bite one end off an egg roll, then scoop out the filling to eat. Then refill the egg roll with general tso’s chicken and eat it. Freaking genius! 

Here are a few more gems that didn’t make it on the air:

When I eat Combos I eat the pretzel around the cheese then I eat the cheese

My wife picks apart hot wings. It’s like watching a zombie eat a person’s intestines…

When I eat Bagel Bites (pizza bagels) I bite half of each Bagel Bite and then eat the other halves once all the first halves have been eaten

At Olive garden I’ll break off a piece of bread stick, make a bowl out of that piece then put soup in it

I skin a KitKat with my teeth-peel off the chocolate and then suck on the wafers

What I do and it grosses my wife out is when I open the can of tuna fish I have to drink and suck out all the water in the can

With Turkey Hill – Tin Roof Sundae ice cream, I put a spoonful in my mouth, spit the chocolate covered peanuts back into the bowl and wait until the end

Does no one peel their hot dog?!

When I eat French fries, I don’t eat the entire thing. I won’t eat the bottom half where my fingers hold it.

Over easy eggs or sunny side. I cut around the yolks eat the whites and then the yolks in 1 bite without breaking it

My husband orders burgers and breakfast sandwiches and takes the meat out and eats it separately to “savor the flavor”

I will take the onion out of the Bloomin’ Onion at Outback. I will have a pile of onion on my plate…I don’t like onions

I squeeze the insides out of Hot Pockets. Eat the breading first. Then eat the filling after

I take apart the outside of a soft pretzel and eat that first

When I eat a cookie, any cookie, I touch my tongue to the cookie after each bite to stop crumbs from falling off.

I have to eat skittles in rainbow order. Red first then orange, yellow, green and purple.

Dinner: I take a bite of each thing on the plate, decide what I like least to best and then eat it in order. Ex: Green beans, then potatoes, then steak

I eat the inside out of a slim Jim before eating the wrapping

When tortilla chips are left to crumbs I put them into a bowl with cheese salsa and eat it like cereal for some reason

Little Debbie Swiss rolls. I eat the outer chocolate layer, then unroll it, lick the icing out then eat the cake part….. It’s delicious

My daughter eats the beans out of a green bean pod before eating the pod. I also turn my flavored chips to get the more flavorful side on my tongue.

I won’t eat grapes that have fallen off the vine