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“Create a show with a voice actor because you’ll be entertained all day.” That advice comes directly from Adam F. Goldberg, writer, producer and Jenkintown native. The voice actor he is talking about is Bill Barretta, a Yardley native and Jim Henson protégé. Together with Jeff Yorkes, they are working on a new Muppets show for Disney +.

It’s called The Muppets Mayhem and it follows The Electric Mayhem Band on an epic musical journey to record their first album. Release date is not set yet, but filming is set to begin soon.

The Preston & Steve Show spoke with Adam and Bill this morning about the project. The team promised that the show will be entertaining for both adults and kids. They were quick to point out the plethora of Muppet jokes that completely went over out heads as kids.

“This band is perpetually… happy.” Adam pointed out that Janice is a puppet with her eyes closed!  “That’s what that meme with Willie Nelson is really about.”

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