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Mike Myers starred alongside Beyoncé in 2002’s Austin Powers in Goldmember, the third installment in the Austin Powers film series. While Beyoncé was a handful of years away from becoming the icon she is today, Myers accomplished a unique feat with the singer: He introduced her to Led Zeppelin.

Myers recalls the moment in a video feature with Vanity Fair where he looks back on some of his most memorable characters.

“Beyoncé was a dream,” said Myers. “She was the loveliest person in the world and just knocked it out of the park. She would always listen to music and she said to me, ‘Mike, what are you listening to right now?’ And I said, “Oh, I’m just listening to Led Zeppelin at the moment.’ And she said, ‘I think I’ll listen to that Led Zeppelin.’ She had never heard of it. She was so young, and the crew was all, ‘Awww!'”

Myers continued, “And then the next day, she was doing this [miming holding onto headphones], and I said, ‘What are you listening to?’ She went, ‘Led Zeppelin! They’re great!'”


Interestingly enough, Beyoncé would go on to sample Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks” on “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” a track featuring Jack White from her acclaimed 2016 album Lemonade.



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