Jaxon’s Jeep Club

3pm - 7pm

There’s just something about a Jeep. What makes the king of off road vehicles so special and how did they earn their cult like following?  They are certainly not the fastest cars on the road, the most luxurious or even the most reliable, but they have a character all their own. And for those who crave adventure and love to get off the beaten path, there’s no better vehicle.

Jaxon's Jeep

The search for joy in a Jeep is certainly not an arduous one. Whether you’re just driving to work with the top down and the doors off, or exploring a new trail, a Jeep is always up for fun. That’s what makes them so beloved. They’re not just cars, they’re Jeeps and they’re a way of life. It’s a Jeep thing.

Jaxon's Jeep

I have been to a lot of Jeep events and shows over the years, but nothing quite beats wheeling with a group of like-minded individuals. There is always something new to explore and something new to learn. A day on the trails with friends is a little slice of heaven.

Jaxon's Jeep Club

There is a sense of camaraderie among Jeepers that you don’t find anywhere else. I’ve never quite figured out if it’s the Jeep life that transforms and creates good people or if amazing people just gravitate towards Jeeps. I just know that there is a community of Jeepers out there who are always ready to lend a helping hand. I am grateful for the many friendships I have made through this shared interest.




I’ve owned a handful of Jeeps over the years and they have all created unforgettable memories and countless smiles. I’ve enjoyed lazy drives in the mountains, camping, wheeling, hunting, fishing, playing in snowstorms and just hanging out with other owners in a parking lot somewhere, sharing our passion.

Jaxon Camping

Like they say, “It’s not the miles per gallon, but the smiles per gallon that count”

Thanks for reading… I was really just looking for a reason to share some pictures taken through the years.

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